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June 2016




June 6, 2016

 The Gregg Township Planning Commission meeting was held on Monday, June 6, 2016 at the Old Gregg School Community and Recreation Center, Room #106 with the following members present: Chairman Chris Kunes, Bill Seay, Doug Bierly, Keri Miller, Mike Arthur , Jane Scheuchenzuber and Don Myers.  Others in attendance: Secretary Jennifer Snyder,  Zoning Officer Mike Lesniak, Stan Wallace

 The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by the group reciting the pledge of allegiance.

CITIZEN COMMENTS NOT ON THE AGENDA  No comments at this time.


Board of Supervisors Report:  Mr. Bierly reviewed the May 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting minutes and special meeting minutes.  

Zoning Officers Report:  Mr. Lesniak reviewed his report with the planning commission. They are staying busy at the PVCEA this year.  He mentioned the property which was cleaned up on Tool Shed Lane and Cooper Street. He reported that Mr. Auman is already brining more debris onto the properties after the clean up. He filed a citation with the district magistrate in this regard. A discussion regarding the  property on 144 Ross Hill Road took place. There are over 23 junk vehicles on this property. 



Approval of Meeting Minutes:  Ms. Miller made a motion to approve the May 2, 2016 Planning Commission meeting minutes.  Second by Mr. Myers. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 7  – 0.



Windy Hollow Amish School on Brush Mountain Road:  Mr. Stan Wallace was at the meeting to get approval and a signature on the DEP Component 4A Sewage Facilities Planning Module.  Mr. Kreger and the County Planning Office have sent in their comments in regards to this plan.  Mr. Myers made a motion to accept and sign the DEP Component 4A Sewage Facilities Planning Module for the Windy Hollow Amish School. Second by Mr. Arthur. No further discussion.  Vote in favor was unanimous. 7 - 0

Kapinus HOP for minimum use driveway: No action from PC necessary.



  • Penn DOT letter concerning comprehensive traffic study
  • Penn DOT letter concerning field investigation for various signs in the township
  • Centre County Conservation District: GP-07 General Permit Acknowledgment Notification - Slippery Hill Hunting Lodge
  • Centre County Planning and Community Development Office: Time extension for Family Life of Penns Valley
  • Centre County Conservation District: NPDES Permit Plan Revisions - Tri-Municipal Park

The correspondence was reviewed. There was a discussion of the comprehensive traffic study from Penn DOT.  After discussion, Mr. Myers made a motion that the Planning Commission ask the Board of Supervisors to send a letter to Penn DOT asking them why they exceeded their own recommendations  presented in the traffic study. In the traffic study, it was recommended that only two small portions of Route 45 be given a lower speed limit but in reality the speed limit was lowered all the way from Spring Mills to Millheim.  They also would like the board to ask for supporting data collected from their study.  Second by Ms. Scheuchenzuber. No further discussion. Motion carried. Vote 6 - 1 with Mr. Bierly voting nay. 



Nothing new to report



Mr. Kunes discussed the new internet service available to resident in the Penns Valley area, Flashpoint. They are looking to expand their customer base and service more areas of the valley.  Discussion took place.



Mr. Arthur made a motion to adjourn 8:35 p.m. Second by Ms. Miller. Meeting adjourned.  

Respectfully Submitted By,


Jennifer Snyder


Jennifer Snyder, CGA


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