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PC Meeting Minutes - July 2012




July 2, 2012


Chris Kunes, Bill Seay, Don Myers, Doug Bierly, Kristen Riddle, Jennifer Snyder-Secretary, Ray Hankinson-Zoning Officer

Call to Order

The Gregg Township, Centre County, Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Chris Kunes at 7:05 p.m. followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Citizen's Comments for Items Not on Agenda No comments at this time.

Chairman's Report

Minutes from Board of Supervisors Meeting June 8 and June 14, 2012: A few highlights from the meeting minutes were discussed; the Township purchased an AED to be kept at the facility. Our previous Roadmaster, Mr. Konopelski resigned from his position. Mr. Laron Horner was hired as the Roadmaster and began work on June 18, 2012. The draft codification of the Township Ordinances were completed and handed out for our review. The township is securing the temporary right of way to begin work on the Harter Road Bridge. The Board of Supervisors would like the planning commission to start work on a Property Maintenance Ordinance that would include Subdivisions outside of the Village of Spring Mills.


Public Hearing for O-12-02 will take place at the beginning of the Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in Room #106 of the Old Gregg School.

Liaison Reports-Zoning Officer

Mr. Hankinson reported that Ms. Leslie Klien who resides on Upper Georges Valley Road is interested in having a Bullet Manufacturing or Reloading business in their home. Discussion took place to determine if this would fall under a Home Occupation. The Planning Commission would like to see a written statement of their plans for the business. It may be that it is a permitted use and the Board of Supervisors can approve this without going through the Planning Commission. Ms. Snyder will contact the Klien's to get more information of their proposed business.

Russ Shuey, who is now a part-time employee of the Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency and who is the Building Code Inspector for the Bellefonte Borough may be able to help the township develop a property maintenance ordinance. This is part of his expertise.

New Business

The Board of Supervisors has instructed the Planning Commission to develop a property maintenance Ordinance that would include subdivisions outside of the Village of Spring Mills. Discussion took place. The Township does have a Village Property Maintenance Ordinance to look at as an example. Ms. Snyder will email this out to the group to refer to as they work on this assignment during the next month.

Current Planning

Rails to Trails: The RFP's are due by Friday, July 6, 2012 at noon. We have 15 interested firms that may submit proposals.

Projects for 2012

• Develop subdivision procedures for Gregg Township: Mr. Bierly will bring more information to the Planning Commission next month concerning Subdivision Procedures. Tabled until next month.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the June 4, 2012 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes with changes as discussed. Second by Mr. Saey. Motioned carried 4-0. Ms. Riddle was unable to vote because she was absent at last month's Planning Commission Meeting.

ACT 13

An amendment to the Gregg Township Zoning Ordinance must be adopted to comply with Act 13 of 2012 Impact Fee from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Mr. Rayman has presented the Board and the Planning Commission with a draft ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance as is required. The Planning Commission felt they didn't have enough information about Act 13 to comment on the Ordinance, however, they did think there was too much content in the ordinance and that the hours of operation where pretty restrictive. They questioned if regulating hours was typically written into this type of ordinance or not? Ms. Snyder will pass their concerns and comments onto the Board of Supervisors.

Ms. Snyder will be on vacation from July 27 through August 12. She will get things organized before she leaves and will get Ms. Lease or someone to take minutes at the August Planning Commission Meeting.


No Correspondence

Adjourn: Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn at 8:17 p.m. Second by Ms. Riddle. Vote in favor was unanimous. 5-0

Respectfully Submitted By,


Jennifer Snyder, Secretary

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