Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

PC Meeting Minutes - June 2012




June 4, 2012


Chris Kunes, Bill Seay, Don Myers, Doug Bierly, Mike Arthur, Jane Scheuzenzuber, Jennifer Snyder-Secretary, Ray Hankinson-Zoning Officer

Call to Order

The Gregg Township, Centre County, Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Chris Kunes at 7:06 p.m. followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Citizen's Comments for Items Not on Agenda No comments at this time.

Chairman's Report

Minutes from Board of Supervisors Meeting May 10, 2012: A few highlights from the meeting minutes were discussed; the Board of Supervisors approved the Deardorff Subdivision and the Sewage Planning Module for the Catherman's property, and the Minor Land Development Proposal for Lloyd King was approved. The Township Roadmaster resigned his position. Our newest Road Crew member, Brandon Ripka is filling in as Roadmaster. The Township now has a constable, Eric Herrold, who was appointed by the Court of Common Pleas.

(Mr. Arthur arrived at 7:30 p.m.)


Recommendations and comments were received by the County Planning Office concerning this ordinance. Discussion took place. Changes were made to the ordinance incorporating the County Planning Office's comments. Mr. Myers made a motion to forward proposed changes to Ordinance O-12-02 to the Board of Supervisors as the Planning Commission's recommendations. Second by Mr. Arthur. Vote in favor was unanimous. 6-0

Liaison Reports-Zoning Officer

Spring Mills Fish and Game is looking to add a piece to the barn that is their clubhouse. Property off Kline Road and the flood plain was discussed. The PVCEA is now serving Bellefonte.

Current Planning

Rails to Trails: The RFP's have gone out and are due back in July. There are about 10 interested firms. Several of the firms feel the scope of work is too large for the money involved. The Rails to Trails project was highlighted in an article in the CDT today.

Projects for 2012

• Develop subdivision procedures for Gregg Township: Tabled until next meeting.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Seay made a motion to approve the May 7, 2012 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes as stands. Second by Mr. Myers. Motioned carried 3-0.


The DEP sent a letter with their approval of the Deardorff Subdivision Sewage Facilities Plan.

Adjourn: Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn at 8:28 p.m. Second by Ms Scheuzenzuber. Vote in favor was unanimous. 6-0

Respectfully Submitted By,


Jennifer Snyder, Secretary

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