Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

PC Meeting Minutes - Joint Meeting - March 5, 2012


Gregg Township, Centre County

 Joint Meeting of the Authorities, Boards and Commissions

March 5, 2012


Board of Supervisors: Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers; Staff: Jennifer Snyder, Mark Konopelski; Water Authority: Thomas Stitzer, Dale Musser, Laron Horner; Sewer Authority; Joe Kunst, Gil Morrison, Laron Horner, Tom Stitzer; Planning Commission: Chris Kunes, Mike Arthur, Bill Seay, Don Myers; Auditors: Stephen Black, Steve Maczuga; Zoning Hearing Board: Donald Albertson, Kermit Long; Tax Collector: Donna Miller; Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: Robin Bastress, Jane Burrows, Cathy Walton; Emergency Management Coordinator: Don Grenoble; Fire Company: Doug Young; Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: Ray Hankinson


Chairman Patrick Leary called the meeting to order 7:04 p.m. followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Mr. Leary began the meeting by thanking everyone in attendance for all they do for the Township. Those in attendance introduced themselves followed by reports from each ABC.


Auditors (Stephen Black, Steven Maczuga): They held their reorganization meeting in January. Mr. Corman needs to take the Oath of Office and get a copy of it to the Township.

Emergency Management (Don Grenoble): Things have been pretty quite lately in the Emergency Management end of the Township. Operating procedures are in place and the emergencies that come up, they are ready to handle. They have quarterly meeting and trainings. Regional Planning Commission is working on an inventory of major equipment that could be borrowed during an emergency or any other time.

Old Gregg School Advisory Committee (Robin Bastress, Cathy Walton, Jane Burrows): There are 8 full time tenants. Nittany Railroad Club is the newest tenant. Kitchen is used very often. Fitness programs bring in a lot of folks to the building. Gym is now used full time. Farmers Market begins April 7 through May 5th. Three Scout troops are planning an egg hunt on April 7th. Cathy Walton is their webmaster. She is updating the website and the facebook page regularly.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency (Ray Hankinson): PVCEA was formed in 2003. They administer the building code for Miles, Gregg, Haines and Penn Townships and the Millheim Borough. Bellefonte Borough is considering joining the Agency.

Planning Commission: (Mike Arthur, Don Myers, Chris Kunes, Bill Saey, Doug Bierly): Over the last year, the Planning Commission worked on amending the Subdivision Ordinance which was passed in January 2012. They also developed a Conservation Subdivision Ordinance as well as an Affordable Housing Manual. They are currently working on a subdivision checklist and a source water ordinance. Mr. Arthur made a motion to approve the February 6, 2012 meeting minutes. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous.

Sewer Authority (Gil Morrison, Joe Kuntz, Laron Horner, Tom Stitzer): At the January re-organization meeting, all board members were re-appointed. The plant has been running since 1999 so there are repair expenses that are popping up. They are trying to save money for the cost of these repairs. They got a letter this week from Bill Getig to reduce his number of EDU's. They are at 24, have been 37 and are asking for a reduction. If they would close the doors of the Getig plant, it would be about $7 per household per EDU to cover this cost. Right now, it is $54 per household. The Sewer Authority is operating at a much lower EDU than was anticipated when it was first started. The board is a working board which saves on cost. Right now there is 261½ EDU with 53 being from commercial.

Tax Collector (Donna Miller): Ms. Miller has been the local tax collector for 26 years. As the tax collector, Ms. Miller is responsible for 1276 parcels. Assessed values of these parcels are not going up. For those 1276 parcels, face amount value is $118,008.76 which is Real Estate and Equipment Funds. For the Street Light Fund, she collects approximately $24000. Ms. Miller is no longer responsible for the Earned Income Tax Collector for the Township. She is responsible for 2011 and prior year taxes. Centre Tax Agency through the State College Borough, is now responsible for EIT for all of Centre County. This change happened due to change in State Law – Act 32. Because the EIT collector does not reside within the townships, residents need to make the Township aware of when people move in and move out so that we can notify the Centre Tax Agency to make sure the EIT is filed properly. Landlords also need to report tenants to Centre tax agency so that the township can receive the EIT from renters. Mr. Leary gave his thanks to Ms. Miller for her years of service.

Water Authority (Tom Stitzer, Laron Horner, Dale Musser): Water company is steady. They had two bad leaks and had to replace three fire hydrants last month. Water Meter is going to be replaced this year if they get a grant which they said would be awarded in 2012. They have 10 more fire hydrants to replace in the next few years. There are 182 customers on the water system right now.

Zoning Hearing Board (Kermit Long, Don Albertson): The Zoning Hearing Board has not met in the past year. Laron Horner is an alternate for the ZHB. Mr. Albertson expressed the need for better communication and asked Ms. Snyder to help set up their re-organization meeting for the first Thursday in April.

Roadmaster (Mark Konopelski): Due to the mild winter, roads are in better shape than normal. The weather has caused problems on the dirt roads. Harter Road Bridge is closed because of structural issues for an undetermined amount of time. We will be looking into a temporary fix which can take several months. Ross Hill Road Bridge has been reduced to 11 feet at one end until repairs are done in the next 3 or 4 weeks. The replacement of this bridge will be done summer of 2013. The Township will have to pay for 5% of the cost of replacement of the Ross Hill Bridge but Harter Road Bridge is 100% the Township's responsibility. The Township has seven bridges that are inspected annually. Bridges inspected are 20 feet plus in span. The Township lost one employee recently but we are in the process of hiring another. Interviews will take place this week.

Fire Company (Doug Young): The Fire Company is looking at getting more dry hydrants put in. Man power for the Fire Company is low. They have about 20 active volunteers. It is very hard to get help during the daytime. They have had some problems with heads on the dry hydrants not sealing. Discussion took place concerning the dry hydrants and the new hydrants placed within the Village.

Tri-Municipal Park: Gregg Township, Potter Township and Centre Hall Borough got a grant from DCNR and county money to purchase property for this park which is located across from Samis Green house in Potter Township. They have met monthly for several years to get this going. A Master Plan was completed. Nittany Engineers has worked up Phase 1 of this park. They have recently been in contact with some folks from Woodward Camp, who are world renowned in their respective venue and they have shown an interest in developing part of the Park. There is BMX group very interested in helping to put in a BMX track which is a bicycle motocross track. There is also a group interested in helping to develop a skate park as well. Pheasant Forever and the Fish and Wildlife Commission are working on getting about 50 acres in tall prairie grass to return to a natural state and stock pheasants in it. There will be a Frisbee/Disc Golf in the middle of this tall prairie grass so that this area will be conducive to Recreation. The area will be planted this spring. The Lions club will plant trees with their national campaign. There will be a walking trail around the perimeter which is just shy of 2 miles. They are trying to do all this without funds from municipalities.

Supervisors (Pat Leary, Joel Myers, Doug Bierly): Mr. Bierly discussed the electrical rates for the Township (Old Gregg School, Fire Company, Maintenance Shed, Sewer, Water) will be going down approximately 2 cents per kilowatt hour starting March 1, 2012. This was through PSATS. The Township received a grant for $32,000 for the rails to trails feasibility study. RFP for this will be going out the beginning of April. The Centre County Office of Planning and Development will be helping us to administer the grant. We will still take care of the financial aspects of the grant. There is a possibility that the 911 Memorial Trail will run through Centre County to connect the New York site to Shankesville, PA site. The first phase runs from the Pentagon to Shankesville.

Ms. Snyder gave an update on the website. It is updated regularly. Any suggestions please let Ms. Snyder know. We have discussed facebook and will look into this when we get time for it. The newsletter in the Grapevine was a big success and really went over well with the Township. It is also possible that there could be a newsletter inserted in the spring taxes. Inserts in the tax statements and the Grapevine are both ways to reach those that don't use the internet.

Mr. Myers thanked those that supported him during the election. His goal is to improve communication. He hopes this Joint Meeting will continue annually and will continue to improve communication between all the organizations serving Gregg Township. He would like to arrange a tour this summer of the Sewer and Water Plants for the Board and the Community. Mr. Myers would also like to do something to promote businesses within Gregg Township. We need some type of business directory. Penns Valley Conservation Association is updating their business directory for the valley. It will be available on-line.

Statements of Financial Interest: Need to be in by April 30, 2012


Woodward Camp: This camp was bought out by Copperhead Ski Resort.

Indoor Recreation: Nittany Valley Model Railroad Club is a new tenant of the building. They will have, when completed, about 50 scale miles of track. They are very inviting and would welcome spectators.

Disc Golf Course: Mr. Hankinson discussed the process of the development of the course. It is easy to install and is picking up interest around the country.

Gregg Township Book and History Project: This will be an updated version of the 1976 book. They are working with others that have vast amounts of historic memorabilia. Besides a book, there is going to be a website with interactive information about the township. Greg Evans is the contact person for this.

Codification: Draft to be back by this summer. Theoretically by fall, we should be able to enact this into law and it will be available electronically from our website.

Source Water Protection: The Source Water Protection 101 course is available to anyone interested in attending. The Planning Commission has been tasked to draft an ordinance to ensure a good clean water supply for the Village. Discussion took place.

ADJOURN: Mr. Myers made a motion to adjourn at 8:35. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted By:


Jennifer Snyder


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