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PC Meeting Minutes - April 2011


Planning Commission

Minutes for April 4, 2011

Present: Doug Bierly, Don Myers, Julie Mason, Chris Kunes, and Mike Arthur

Absent: Bill Seay and Jane Scheuchenzuber


Beckie Lease, Recording Secretary, Jen Snyder, Gregg Township Secretary/Treasurer, Ray Hankinson, Zoning Officer, Linda Marshall, Centre County Planning, Joel Myers, Gregg Township Supervisor

Call To Order:

The meeting was called to order by Chris Kunes at 7:06 p.m.

Citizen's Comments on items not on the Agenda:


Chairperson's Report:

Doug Bierly introduced Jen Snyder new Gregg Township Secretary/Treasurer.

Keystone Publishers will be in the office Friday to start organizing all ordinances and resolutions for codification. It will take approximately one year to complete the project. This will incorporate all of the information into one book and make it accessible online.

Cellular shades are on order for the windows of the OGS to help with heating and cooling.

PVRPC meets at OGS on May 16 at 7:00 p.m.

Supervisors and Planning Commission will meet to discuss the subdivision plan thoroughly at the next meeting on May 2 unless there is a conflict with the PSU students' presentation of the conservation project.

Citizen Requests


Liaison Reports:

Ray Hankinson stated that he inspected a home in Spring Mills and it was approved for a daycare. A pole building on Harter/Reeder Roads was placed close to the residence, but it does fall within guidelines. Jodon's Sporting Goods property will be auctioned on April 23. A possible bidder asked if there were any Historic District ramifications on this property. Linda Marshall will research and get back to Ray.



Current Planning:

Linda Marshall discussed additional revisions to the Housing Policies and Procedures manual. Do the Gregg Township Supervisors want the Planning Commission to work on the Property Maintenance Ordinance?

Sue Hannigan, Assistant Director, is summarizing all that is going on in the county that pertains to Marcellus Shale. Information is on the County's website.

Julie Mason distributed a list of underutilized and vacant buildings located in Gregg Township. Julie will update the list and email it to Linda Marshall for the Centre County Office of Planning and Community Development. This will help the County match companies' requirements with what is available.

Chris Kunes has met with three students that will be working on the conservation project. They will present at least three different options. One of which will combine the two properties. Chris will email the date and time of the presentations to the Planning Commission.

DCNR grant application for rails to trails feasibility study deadline is April 18. The Supervisors will write a letter of support for the application.

New Planning Items:

Ray Hankinson asked about the swimming pool ordinance. Homework for next meeting: Definition of a pool.

Citizen's Comments on Agenda Items:


Approval of Minutes:

Doug Bierly made a motion to approve the March 7, 2011 minutes as amended, seconded by Don Myers. Motion carried 5-0


Julie Mason made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:27 p.m., seconded by Mike Arthur. Motion carried 5-0.

Minutes submitted by

Beckie Lease

Planning Commission Recording Secretary

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