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PC Meeting Minutes - July 2011 Joint Meeting with the Board of Supervisors



Joint Meeting of the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors

Minutes for July 11, 2011

Present: Doug Bierly, Don Myers, Julie Mason, Chris Kunes, Mike Arthur, Jane Scheuchenzuber, Pat Leary, and Joel Myers Absent: Bill Seay


Beckie Lease, Recording Secretary, Mark Konopelski, Roadmaster, Ray Hankinson, Zoning Officer, Anson Burwell and Bob Jacobs, Centre County Planning, Ray Grove, Herb Grove, John Corman, Laron Horner, Gil Morrison, Jim Confer, Don Grenoble, Doug Young, Stan Wallace

Call To Order:

The meeting was called to order by Pat Leary at 7:00 p.m.

Citizen's Comments on items not on the Agenda:


Chairperson's Report:

The May and June Board of Supervisors minutes were distributed.

Doug Bierly made a motion to change by resolution the logging bond from $1,500 per mile to $6,000 per mile with a weight restriction of 12,500 pounds, Joel Myers seconded. Motion carried 3-0.

Citizen Requests


Liaison Reports:

Ray Hankinson stated a concrete block retaining wall has been installed at Mr. Tice's property in Penn Hall. The wall is sitting on the sewer lateral. Gil Morrison stated the Sewer Authority would address this issue.

Longs are subdividing the trailer park into one/lot and the farm into Clean & Green.


Chris Kunes stated that many residents have requested the Agricultural District Lot Subdivision Regulation: Section 304.D.2.b.5 be discussed and reviewed.

Bob Jacobs, Centre County Planning – Gregg Township's Zoning Ordinance regulates the land. A suggestion was made to eliminate #5 on Article 3, Page 12 "Lots created by this ordinance shall never be further subdivided."

Anson Burwell, Centre County Planning – Land use controls follow Zoning Ordinance, while Subdivision/Land Use Development falls to the County's regulations. Example: 100 acre farm is subdivided to give daughter 5 acres, keeping 95 acres in the parent tract. As written, there could be no further subdivision. In this case, the County defers to the Zoning Officer on how he interprets the Zoning Ordinance. The Board of Supervisors are the governing body with the Zoning Officer making the decisions. Everyone has the right to subdivide their land by the rules established. No other township has a similar one time subdivision ordinance.

There are no definitions for Parent Tract or Residual Tract in the subdivision regulations.

A discussion about what needs to be included in a master plan and the costs involved to subdivide an entire farm. Many landowners do not have the financial means to have a master plan when they need to sell a few acres to help with medical or other expenses. This is a very restrictive ordinance. How can we balance the needs of landowners, housing, and the community?

Can subdivisions be limited closer to major arterial roads? It cannot be required. The County will look at interconnecting roads to help with traffic flow.

The Planning Commission is an advisory committee to the Board of Supervisors. BOS will discus at the next meeting on Thursday, July 14 at 7 p.m.

The Planning Commission was notified by the County of the Peachey re-plot of lots.

Current Planning:

Rails to Trails report – none.

Don Grenoble will attend next meeting to discuss a plan for fire protection using underground tanks and ponds.

Bob Jacobs stated that the state has changed the rules regarding storm water management plans. The County is to now plan, but this is an expensive project to take over with no state money to pay for it.

Develop checklist for subdivision procedures for Gregg Township

New Planning Items:


Citizen's Comments on Agenda Items:


Approval of Minutes:

Mike Arthur made a motion to approve the June 6, 2011 minutes, seconded by Don Myers. Motion carried 6-0


Mike Arthur made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m., seconded by Doug Bierly. Motion carried 6-0.

Minutes submitted by

Beckie Lease

Planning Commission Recording Secretary

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