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PC Meeting Minutes - Aug. 2011



Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2011

Call to Order: The Gregg Township Planning Commission Meeting held on Monday, August 1, 2011 was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Chairman Chris Kunes.

Attendance: Chairman Chris Kunes, Mike Arthur, Doug Bierly, Julie Mason, Don Myers, Bill Seay, Secretary Jennifer Snyder

Missing: Jane Scheuchenzuber

Visitors: Linda Marshall

Citizen's Comments on items not on the Agenda: No Comments

Chairperson's Report:

The minutes from the July 14 and July 28 Board of Supervisors Meeting were reviewed. Mr. Bierly pointed out some details of those meeting minutes including the Ross Hill Bridge Right of Way has been secured, the CDBG for the Water Authority needs to be closed out , the Tri-Municipal Park is doing fundraising for their project , and the Salt Shed is in phase 2 at the Township Building on Water Street.

The Group discussed the "Yes, In My Backyard: Creating Strong Communities for the Future" the 4th Annual Affordable Housing Summit to be held on November 3rd from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Foxdale Village in State College.

Liaison Reports:

Zoning Officer- No zoning officer present

Current Planning

Affordable Housing Policy and Procedures Manual: Linda Marshall presented the Planning Commission with the final revisions of the Affordable Housing Policy and Procedures Manual. After a brief discussion, Ms. Mason made a motion to present the Affordable Housing Manual to the Board of Supervisors for their consideration to adopt as policy. Second by Mr. Arthur. Motion carried 6 – 0.


Agricultural District Lot Subdivision Regulation: Section 304. D. 2.

The Board of Supervisors made a motion to direct the Planning Commission to review the agricultural district lot subdivision regulation: Section 304.D.2. with a recommendation they can act on by the 9/8/2011 Board of Supervisors meeting. If more time is needed, Planning Commission can ask the BOS for an extension. The Planning Commission began discussing this Section of the Zoning Ordinance.

The following suggested changes were proposed:

Section 304.D.2.b.1 and Section 304.D.2.b.2: The Planning Commission recommends these two items will stand as in.

Section 304.D.2.b.3: The Planning Commission recommends the following to be added to the end of Section 304.D.2.b.3. "Use of open space for a parcel shall be stipulated at time of subdivision; change in use shall be conditional".

Section 304.D.2.b.4: The Planning Commission recommends this item will stand as in.

Section 304.D.2.b.5: This article was considered and discussed at the last month joint meeting the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Arthur asked if we amend or change this article, will others who have subdivided previously be grandfathered under this new change. The Planning Commission recommends the wording for this article state: "Lots equal to or less than 11 acres, created by this ordinance shall not be further subdivided."

Section 304.D.2.b.6: A developer shall provide a single local driveway or road for accessing all lots or each cluster to minimize access to the public way.

(See attached revision of Section 304.D.2.)

The Planning Commission will meet on September 12th to further discuss these suggested changes and vote to send said changes to the Board of Supervisors for approval at their October 13th meeting.

Natural Gas Issues: The PC discussed the presentation that Sue Hannegan has offered to give on the Natural Gas Issue and the Natural Gas Task Force. In a past Board of Supervisors Meeting, Chairman Leary suggested that he would like to see Ms. Hannegan give her presentation to the Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission. In this forum, the information presented will reach many other municipalities. Mr. Fox, President of the PVRPC, has expressed interest in holding such a meeting.

Projects for 2011:

• Develop a plan for fire protection using underground tanks and ponds (see topic above)

• Develop or assist with a storm water management plan for the Penns Creek Watershed

• Develop subdivision procedures for Gregg Township

Approval of Minutes:

July 11, 2011 Joint Meeting: Mr. Bierly made a motion made to approve the minutes with said changes. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 5 -0. Mr. Seay abstained from vote.

Citizen's Comments on Agenda Items: No Comments

Adjournment: Mr. Arthur made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m. Second by Mr. Seay. Motion carried 6-0.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be held on September 12, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Please note this is the 2nd Monday of the month, due to Labor Day Holiday.

Respectfully Submitted By:


Jennifer Snyder


Gregg Township

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