Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

May 2016




June 6, 2016  

 Call Meeting Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Citizen’s Comments for Items Not on Agenda: Items not on agenda



  • Board of Supervisors Report: Meeting Minutes – May 11, 2016, Special Meeting - May 26, 2016         
  • Zoning Officer Report



  • Approve Meeting Minutes: May 2, 2016      



  • Stan Wallace: Windy Hollow Amish School on Brush Mountain
  • Centre County Planning & Community Development Office - Review and Comment regarding Sewage Facility Planning Module for Windy Hollow Amish School
  • Jeff Kreger Planning Module & Plot Review regarding Windy Hollow Amish School
  • Robert & Kathleen Kapinus: Penn DOT HOP for minimum use driveway intended to service Tract 1B-B1
  • Letter of acknowledgement from Gregg Township regarding HOP for Kapinus Property



  • Penn DOT letter concerning comprehensive traffic study
  • Penn DOT letter concerning field investigation for various signs in the township
  • Centre County Conservation District: GP-07 General Permit Acknowledgment Notification - Slippery Hill Hunting Lodge
  • Centre County Planning and Community Development Office: Time extension for Family Life of Penns Valley
  • Centre County Conservation District: NPDES Permit Plan Revisions - Tri-Municipal Park


CODIFICATION: Nothing to report




Next meeting will be held on Monday, July 11 (2nd Monday) at 7:00 p.m. in Room #106



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