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BOS Statement concerning Route 45



Gregg Township Board of Supervisors Position Statement Relevant to the Route 45 Corridor in Gregg and Adjacent Municipalities during the period of November 2015 to July 2016

A meeting relevant to this corridor was called by a Gregg Township resident and two local Legislators. This was not a public meeting as only specific individuals, companies, agencies and groups were invited to attend.  This meeting was called without the Gregg Township Board of Supervisors approval or knowledge.  One supervisor, serving as a Gregg Township resident was asked to be involved in the planning and served to moderate this meeting. However, that Board member was not acting as a Township Supervisor.

 The result of this meeting was a request by the legislators to Penn DOT to conduct a comprehensive traffic study on the corridor.  This study was completed without consent, approval or input from the Gregg Township Board of Supervisors. Culmination of this study was an executive summary from Penn DOT District 2 Office which was dated May 16, 2016. It should be noted that although the board of supervisors received this summary, there was no data included relevant to the actual traffic study itself.  A request has since been made for data from the actual study. Further, the executive summary identified no safety issues to support the changes.

The executive summary included a list of improvements to be implemented by Penn DOT, some of which it appears were already included for implementation this year.  The report also included improvements to be considered by others.  For Gregg Township, the only suggestions included in the summary were to install speed display and flashing warning devices.  In order to follow these suggestions, Gregg Township would have to obtain permits from Penn Dot and would bear the entire financial burden of installation and maintenance of these devices.  The cost of these items are not financially feasible. 

In summary, there has been much discussion circulating in Gregg Township and lower Penns Valley in general concerning the Route 45 corridor. This document serves to clarify that  no official action was taken on behalf of Gregg Township by the Board of Supervisors in regards to this process. All actions taken or recommended were  included in the Penn DOT executive summary.

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