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November Joint


Gregg Township, Centre County

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2016

 The Gregg Township Planning Commission meeting was held on Monday, November 7, 2016 at the Old Gregg School Community and Recreation Center, Room #106 with the following members present: Chairman Chris Kunes, Keri Miller, Mike Arthur , Bill Seay, Doug Bierly, Jane Scheuchenzuber and Don Myers.  Others in attendance: (See attendance below for joint meeting.)

 Chairman Kunes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by the group reciting the pledge of allegiance.

 BUSINESS: Mr. Arthur made a  motion to approve the October 3, 2016 planning commission meeting minutes. Second by Mr. Seay. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 7 - 0

The discussion on the Stover Subdivision open space requirements was tabled until next month by Chairman Kunes.

 Daniel Smucker, Madisonburg, addressed the commission asking for them to make a motion to the Board of Supervisors concerning a conditional use for his farm/diesel repair business to be housed at the  property located on 271 Brush Mountain road.  Questions and discussion took place. Mr. Don Myers made a motion to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that they accept this business as a conditional use in the agricultural zone for the property on Brush Mountain and move forward with a conditional use hearing.  Second by Mr. Arthur. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 7 - 0

 Penns Valley Code Enforcement  Agency:  Mr. Lesniak sent his reports electronically.  He reported they are staying busy. 

CORRESPONDENCE:  The correspondence was discussed.

 Mr. Arthur made a motion to adjourn the planning commission's portion of this meeting at 7:07 p.m. Second by Ms. Miller. Motion carried.

 Gregg Township, Centre County

Joint Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2016

 At the conclusion of the Planning Commission meeting, the joint meeting for the Authorities, Boards and Commissions  for Gregg Township was held on Monday, November 7, 2016 at 106 School Street, Suite 106, Spring Mills PA

 Attendance: Supervisors Joel Myers, Douglas Bierly and Charles Stover; Staff Jennifer Snyder, Laron Horner; Planning Commission Chris Kunes, Mike Arthur, Bill Seay, Keri Miller, Doug Bierly, Don Myers, Jane Scheuchenzuber; Zoning Hearing Board Donald Albertson; Old Gregg School Advisory Board Keri Miller, Carol Gingrich, Carol Myers, Don Grenoble, Jim Smith; Tax Collector Donna Miller; Gregg 2025 Committee Russ Brooks, Jamie Felker, Carol Gingrich, Mary Kay Williams, Chris Kunes, Jim Zubler; PV Emergency Management Association Pat Leary; Sewer Authority Tom Stitzer, Laron Horner, Gil Morrison; Water Authority Tom Stitzer, Laron Horner, Dale Musser; Sewer Enforcement Officer Jeff Kreger; Zoning Officer Mike Lesniak; PSATS representative Scott Coburn; Others Casey Grove, Michelle Grove, Daniel Smucker.

 CALL TO ORDER: Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Joel Myers, called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. and welcomed all who was in attendance. 


Each group took a few minutes to give a brief report to those in attendance.  It was announced that the township is looking for more residents to serve on the Tri-Municipal Park Board, the Gregg 2025 Steering Committee and the Old Gregg School Advisory Board.  Tax Collector, Donna Miller, gave instructions on how to correctly read and interpret a tax bill.  Mr. Morrison reported that the sewer authority has applied for a grant through the Department of Community and Economic Development DCED for $245,000.   

 GUEST SPEAKER: Chairman Myers introduced Mr. Scott Coburn from the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors  (PSATS) office.  He was asked to speak to the group about the Sunshine Law and how it relates to our township.  Mr. Coburn addressed the group at this point in the meeting. Questions and discussion took place.  At the conclusion of his presentation, Chairman Myers thank Mr. Coburn for his presentation and all the work that PSATS does on behalf of townships throughout the state. 

 No further business. Meeting was adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

 Respectfully Submitted By,

Jennifer Snyder


Jennifer Snyder, Secretary/Treasurer

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