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March Joint Meeting 2016


Gregg Township, Centre County

Joint Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2016

 The joint meeting for the Authorities, Boards and Commissions  for Gregg Township was held on March 28, 2016, at 106 School Street, Suite 106, Spring Mills PA.  

Attendance: Supervisors Joel Myers, Douglas Bierly and Charles Stover; Staff Jennifer Snyder, Laron Horner; Planning Commission Chris Kunes, Mike Arthur, Bill Seay, Keri Miller, Doug Bierly, Don Myers; Zoning Hearing Board Herb Grove, Jim Confer, Donald Albertson; Old Gregg School Advisory Board Keri Miller, Carol Gingrich, Carol Myers; Tax Collector Donna Miller; Gregg 2025 Committee Russ Brooks, Jamie Felker, Keri Miller, Carol Gingrich, Mary Kay Williams, Jim Zubler; PV Emergency Management Association Pat Leary; Sewer Authority Joe Kunst, Tom Stitzer, Laron Horner, Greg Williams, Gil Morrison; Water Authority Tom Stitzer, Laron Horner, Dale Musser, Curt McCool; Resident Dave Sampsel


CALL TO ORDER/WELCOME/PLEDGE OF ALLIGIENCE: Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Joel Myers, called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. followed by the reciting of the pledge of allegiance.



Auditors: No report

Board of Supervisors:  See discussion at end of the reports

Emergency Management:  No report

Fire Company: Mr. Stover reported the Fire Company will be holding its spring bazaar on April 9. There is a soup and hoagie sale on May 14 and their fall bazaar will be held on October 29.

Gregg 2025 Steering Committee: Mr. Russ Brooks, chairman of the 2025 Steering Committee briefly introduced the groups charter and mission.  Committee members are serving for a 2 year term.  They had their launch meeting on Feb 22 as a formal steering committee. Presently, they have 4 key areas of focus with 2 active subcommittees.

Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: Ms. Miller, Vice Chairman of the OGS Advisory Board reported that they are doing better financially. There has been some turnover of board members and they are still looking for other diverse members to serve. A new initiative called Food Centres, will be housed in repurposed containers on sight at the OGS. This program focuses on gleaning foods that will be stored and distributed from these containers to consumers.  The Underground fitness center has been very successful with memberships. Presently the OGS advisory board will be working on a comprehensive master plan. 

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: No Report

Penns Valley Emergency Medical Association Board: Mr. Leary reported that the ambulance responded to about 850 calls this past year.  The breakeven point for the ambulance would be 1000 calls.  Legislation passed where insurance companies will now pay direct to the ambulance instead of going to the consumer who then will reimburse the ambulance.  There will be an Open House on Sunday, May 15 from 12 - 4 p.m.

Planning Commission: Chairman Kunes reported that it has been an uneventful year for the PC . They did work on the source water protection plan and hope to have more activity this coming year. 

Roadmaster: Mr. Horner reported that due to the mild winter, there was not much overtime for the crew this year which helped with the budget.  The main summer project this year will include the full depth reclamation of 1 mile from the top of Grenoble Road.  They have been trimming and chipping trees so the wood chips are available at the ball field.  Mr. Horner has been involved with the Township office remodel. It will be completed very soon.

Sewer Authority:  President Morrison reported that things at the sewer authority are running status quo.  The YMCA helped with finances.  They passed a balanced budget at the end of the year for 2016.

Sewage Enforcement Officer: No Report

Tax Collector: Ms. Miller wanted people to know that she collects the taxes but does not set an assessed value on properties. She thanked the township for maintaining taxes and keeping them low. She will be using eCollections for her reports. 

Tri-Municipal Park Board: Mr. Leary reported that the park is in a holding pattern. They will be getting students from CPI to work on construction of east entrance.  They are starting a capital campaign. Information on how to donate to this campaign can be found on the township website.  The wildlife area has been seeded and trails will be seeded very soon.

Water Authority: Mr. Stitzer reported that it was a mild winter with very few water breaks which helped the budget. They are trying to stay above water.

Zoning Hearing Board: Mr. Albertson reported that the group met last year for a conditional use hearing for the Adam Seitz property.  They also met in January to reorganize. 



Playground: Ms. Miller thanked everyone who donated to the playground. The ADA parking stall and concrete path need to be completed.  Discussion of the possibility of a speed bump to slow traffic coming off Route 45 took place.  It may be something that should be included in the bid packet. 

Solar Panels: Mr. Musser questioned how  the solar system was working and if it was completed. Mr. Bierly explained that it has been functional since early in the fall. It has been working great. It heats water to about 120 degrees.  He will be conducting educational programs with the high school and Penns Valley Conservation Association.  Anyone who wants a tour can be in touch with Mr. Bierly. Ms. Snyder will put information about the completion of this project on our website.

Ambulance: Ms. Carol Myers questioned  why Pleasant Gap is second in line for call outs when the PV ambulance is busy. Pleasant Gap does not accept most insurances so it costs residents a lot of money.  It was suggested that those with concerns should contact the Centre County EMA to persuade them to have Pleasant Gap accept insurances or have another ambulance second in line for calls. Ms. Snyder will get information about this and email it to the group.

Internet: A discussion of the new internet available in Spring Mills took place. Mr. Kunes explained how Flashpointe got involved and the services available to many in the village and beyond. 


The group was dismissed at this point and the Board of Supervisors met to discuss the following:

Parking Lot Quotes:  Mr. Franson received quotes from 3 companies. Each quote was broken into two. One quote to complete all the work by the company and an alternate quote for only a portion of the work to be completed by the company. Discussion took place. Mr. Stover made a motion to accept the quote from EBY paving for the complete work for $14,600. No further discussion. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 - 0

Rec Fee In Lieu Ordinance:  Mr. Rayman finalized an ordinance to amend the township Parks and Recreation ordinance.  It will need to be advertised and public hearing held before adoption. Mr. Stover made a motion to go ahead and advertise for the public hearing and adoption. No further discussion. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 - 0


ADJOURN Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 p.m.. Second by Mr. Stover.  Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 - 0


Respectfully Submitted By,





Jennifer Snyder, Secretary/Treasurer

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