Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

April 2015


The board met in an advertised work session at 6:15 p.m. They discussed road maintenance and road projects for the upcoming year. They dismissed from their work session to break into an Executive Session to discuss legal issues.

 Gregg Township Board of Supervisors

Public Hearing O-15-02 Trustees Insurance and Retirement Services

April 9, 2015


Supervisors: Chairman Joel Myers, Douglas Bierly, Charles Stover

Staff: Jennifer Snyder-Secretary/Treasurer, Laron Horner- Roadmaster

Others:  Mark Bressler, Kara Benner, John Myers, Don Grenoble, Dianne Musser, Dale Musser, Tom Stitzer, Stan Wallace, Chris Kunes, Gary Horner, Pat Leary, Keri Miller, Carol Myers, Jerry Myers, Robin Bastress, Greg Williams, Carol Yeagley, Caleb Wallingford, Kaleigh Jones, Andrew Hurd, Stanley Bierly

CALL TO ORDER Mr. Myers called the public hearing on Ordinance O-15-02 Trustees Insurance and Retirement Services to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by the recitation of the pledge of allegiance.  A brief explanation of the Ordinance was given.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: No comments at this time.

Mr. Myers closed the public hearing at 7:05 p.m. and opened the regular Board of Supervisors meeting.

Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting

April 9, 2015

 COMMENTS FOR ITEMS NOT ON AGENDA (Please limit comments to five minutes): No comments at this time.


Mr. Stan Wallace, Nittany Engineering, discussed the Sewage Facility Planning Module for the Family Life of Penns Valley Church and their current land development plan. They are looking to build a 250 seat sanctuary on their property located on route 192 and Ridge Road. Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept and approve the DEP Component 2 planning module for the Family Life of Penns Valley. Second by Mr. Stover. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0 Mr. Bierly made a motion to adopt and amend the township’s Act 537 plan. Second by Mr. Stover. No further questions. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0 Ms. Snyder will assign a resolution number and sign/seal the document and get packet to Mr. Wallace. 


Solicitors Report: Mr. Rayman drafted an amendment to the zoning ordinance that will allow two single family dwellings on any parcel of twenty acres or greater; provided that the parcel and dwellings meet all zoning and subdivision regulation and requirements. Mr. Stover made a motion to approve and move forward to adopt the ordinance amendment when the codification moves forward. Second by Mr. Bierly. No further discussion. 3 – 0

Mr. Rayman discussed the money to be put in escrow from Mount Nittany in regards to their community on-lot septic system. He recommends these funds be put into a separate interest bearing account.  

The board also discussed with Mr. Rayman the right of way on the Kauffman property that was recently subdivided and sold. The Board asked Mr. Rayman to make contact with the buyer to discuss this right of way. He will look for buyer information on the deed at the Recorders Office.

Emergency Management Coordinator/Gregg Township Fire Company: Mr. Grenoble received an invitation to the Centre County’s Hazard Mitigation Planning Process meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 15 at 6:30 p.m. Mr. Stover will accompany Mr. Grenoble to that meeting. They will also attend a responders training on the 16th of April as well. We received a letter from the Millheim Borough asking for our township fire police at the Millheim parade. The Fire Company took delivery of a new tank trucker at the fire hall this evening. He asked if the township would help them write a grant for Act 13 funds for the purchase of this fire truck. Grants would have to go through the township office for them to be eligible for this grant. Mr. Grenoble will get Ms. Snyder more information.

Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: Ms. Bastress, representing the Old Gregg School Advisory Board, reported that there will be a Community Dance and Movie Night again this month. The building is busy due to graduation and birthday parties and other events. Spring sports teams are using the gym because of the weather.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: Mike Lesniak gave his report.  The reports will be forwarded to the board electronically. He sent a zoning denial letter to Adam Seitz, owner of Penns Mault. Mr. Seitz has now applied for a Zoning Hearing. The enforcement agency is busy with the addition of Unionville and Huston Townships. They are working with Mount Nittany Medical for the new Penns Valley Medical Center. 

Penns Valley Emergency Medical Services: Mr. Leary reported that the Open House for the ambulance will take place on May 17.

Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission: Mr. Bierly reported that the PVRPC met on March 16. They discussed fire taxes and the Regional Comprehensive Plan. The supervisors need to review this document before the May PVRPC meeting. The PVEMS Volunteer Workers Compensation payments were also discussed.

Planning Commission:  Chairman Kunes reported at the April Planning Commission meeting, they reviewed the Mount Nittany Medical and Family Life of Penns Valley plans. They also discussed the repurposing of the Gettig buildings.

Playground: Ms. Keri Miller reported that the committee has reached its goal to raise $20,000. Surveying the site should take place in the near future. Mr. Myers thanked those who have worked on this project.

Rails to Trails: Mr. Myers gave a brief update on the project. They need to have a way to get on the trail. During the next couple of months, they plan to have something figured out.

Tri-Municipal Park: Mr. Myers reported the construction for the HOP access off Brush Valley Road will be breaking ground very soon. Mr. Leary reported that Central Pennsylvania Institute will be helping with the landscaping on the property. The first project will be a Frisbee golf course that will happen in cooperation with Pheasants Forever and the Fish & Wildlife services.

Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities: Mr. Horner reported that both the sewer and water authorities are going well with no problems at the moment.

Gregg Township 2025: Mr. Myers reported that this group will meet on Monday, April 27 at 7 p.m.  to continue some brainstorming and visioning for Gregg Township through 2025.


Meeting Minutes: Mr. Stover made a motion to approve the March 12, 2015, regular meeting minutes. Second by Mr. Bierly. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Financial Report: Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept and approve the financial report. Second by Mr. Stover. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0


Beginning Balance


Expenditures & Liabilities

Fund Balance

Capital Reserve





General Fund





Old Gregg School





Street Light Fund





Liquid Fuels Fund





Equipment Fund





Recreation Fund





Playground Fund











Stone Bids: Mr. Bierly made a motion to advertise for stone bids for 2015. Second by Mr. Stover. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0


Mr. Horner reported that we will apply for the Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Roads Maintenance grant with the same project, Vonada Gap Road, which was submitted last year. He hopes that with more funding, we have a good chance of getting some money for this project.  Mr. Horner would like for all of the Supervisors attend a Full Depth Reclamation Class, sponsored by the LTAP program, at Boggs Township on May 15 from 8 to 12 noon. This is the process that he would like to use on Grenoble Road.  The Road Crew has been sweeping the intersections and has this almost completed. They are trying to reuse these stones in some of the low spots. A decision needs to be made on the road projects the township will undertake this coming season.  Mr. Horner purposes the township  spend $75,000 to reclaim Grenoble Road, $30,000 for the bridge on Lower Georges Valley Road and $25,000 for remaining tar and chip projects. This will leave $30,000 in the Liquid Fuels Fund for roads and $50,000 will remain in the liquid fuels fund for equipment. Mr. Stover made a motion to move forward with the following road maintenance plan. Spend up to $75,000 to reclaim Grenoble Road, $30,000 for the improvement to the bridge on Lower Georges Valley Road over Muddy Creek, and $25,000 for tar and chip on miscellaneous roads in the Township. Second by Mr. Bierly. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Mr. Leary wanted the Board to know that the roads were very well maintained this year.


Solar Hot Water: Mr. Bierly made mention that 5 people traveled to Williamsport to look at the solar system in place at the YWCA. It was very impressive. He reported that the Township also received an additional $10,000 from the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy grant. Comments were made by Greg Williams, Carol Myers, Pat Leary, Robin Bastress, Carol Yeagley, and Laron Horner in support of the project. Ms. Miller asked if fundraising will be considered and did Mr. Bierly consider raising funds before accepting the grant. Mr. Bierly explained that we cannot get into the hotter summer months to install the system. It gets too hot for installation so he would like to move forward as quickly as possible. Mr. Bierly explained that the West Penn Sustainable Energy group will front the project $12,500 when they know we have ordered the mounting system and solar system. During the project, we will get another $12,500 and then at the end of the project, the remaining $5,000 will be given out. Mr. Stover asked if they system will be placed on the roof and if this system could be used in the future to heat the gym? Mr. Bierly indicated that no part of the system would be installed on the roof and yes, it can later be tied into the system to heat the gym but that would not be included in the project at this time. Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept the bid from Stanley C. Bierly for $49,870 and sign the agreement for West Penn Sustainable Energy and encourage fundraising for the project. Second by Mr. Stover. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Codification: The Supervisors and Planning Commission will meet in June to move forward with the codification. 

Zoning Ordinance Update:  See Solicitor’s Report above.

Mirror on Cooper Street and Maple Lane: This item was discussed last month. If we put the mirror up, the Township would be responsible. The township will take no action on this.  

Mount Nittany Medical Centre Penns Valley Clinic: Letters received addressing comments from Centre County and comments from the Township Engineer Don Franson.  No township action is needed regarding these letters.

Security Cameras in the OGS: Mr. Mike Whitmer will be coming to the office on Friday, April 10 to bring a monitor to see if the existing camera system works. We will move forward once this has been determined.

PVEMS Workers Compensation Mutual Agreement: Mr. Leary was asked to get a list of volunteers that do work at the EMS. This information was requested before the agreements are signed. The township has not received their portion of the payment from Penn, Haines, Miles Townships and the Millheim Borough.

Public/Private Partnerships Training- May 6, 2015 Borough of State College: Mr. Myers wanted to invite anyone from the public to attend this training.

O-15-02 Trustees Insurance and Retirement Services: Mr. Bierly made a motion to pass O-15-02. Second by Mr. Stover. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Horse Signs on Roads – Letter from Wildfire Ranch: A letter was received by the township from the owners of the Wildfire Ranch. Ms. Sweeley would like to see 4 signs erected that would slow motorists when they see horseback riders on the side of the road. A trooper had met with Ms. Sweeley and Mr. Myers would like to speak with him before making any decisions. Mr. Bierly said that typically if a resident wants a sign like “slow children at play” or similar, they would be responsible for the cost of the sign. Mr. Myers is concerned with the liability if something was to happen and asked Ms. Snyder to forward this letter to Mr. Rayman for clarification on the matter. Ms. Snyder will set up a meeting with the state tropper mentioned in Ms. Sweeley’s letter.


Family Life of Penns Valley - Sewage Planning Module: See discussion in the guest speaker section above.

Mobile Park Permit: The board signed the Long Mobile Park permit.

PSATS 2015 Proposed Resolutions:  Ms. Snyder would like the Supervisors to indicate their preference for each of the PSATS Resolutions and she will vote with the majority on each resolution at the PSATS Conference.

Chris Kunes –Village Business Park Update: Mr. Kunes gave a brief overview of the future plans for the former Gettig property. Plans include a YMCA in the larger building with the two remaining structures to be rented in a way to compliment the YMCA and the surrounding area. There are also two houses being renovated and will be considered affordable housing. There is an additional lot that they look to build a small home to rent as affordable housing as well. He is asking for the Board of Supervisors’ and the community’s support in this endeavor. Questions and discussion took place. Mr. Kunes said they are shooting for the opening to be mid-late fall 2015. Mr. Bierly wanted to clarify his position in regards to the YMCA and his support of the Old Gregg School. He read a written statement in support of economic development in the township. He understands the challenge a YMCA will bring to the Old Gregg School but welcomes the YMCA to the area. Mr. Kunes reiterated that although this YMCA will be located in Spring Mills, this YMCA will be a facility for the entire Penns Valley Community. Mr. Stover made a motion to go on record in support of the YMCA. Second by Mr. Bierly. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0


1.       DEP - Annual Wasteload Management Report

2.       Centre County Planning & Development Office  - West Nile Virus Program

3.       Letter from Millheim Borough Council requesting Fire Police on Thursday, June 18, 2015

The meeting correspondence was reviewed and discussed. 


Mr. Stover made a motion to adjourn at 8:37 p.m. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

 Respectfully Submitted By,


Jennifer Snyder


Jennifer Snyder, Secretary




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