Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

November 2014


Gregg Township, Centre County

Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2014



Supervisors: Chairman Joel Myers, Charles Stover, Douglas Bierly (arrived at 7:27 p.m.)

Staff: Roadmaster Laron Horner  Solicitor: Robert Rayman

Other: Jane Burrows, Mark Bressler, John Myers, Chris Kunes, Michael Witmer, Zach Gay, John Gay, Dylan Orndorff-Ronk

CALL TO ORDER Mr. Myers called the Regular Meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Gregg Township to order at 7:02 p.m. followed by the recitation of the pledge of allegiance.

PUBLIC COMMENT (For items not on the agenda):  No comments for items not on the agenda at this time.  


Betsy Quigley was not in attendance.  Zach Gay will address the board when he arrives.


Solicitors Report:  Solicitor Rayman reported that a petition to appeal has been filed with the Supreme Court. He is going to write a letter to the court but do nothing else. He sees no reason we can’t move forward with a closing date for this property. In regards to the Verizon cell tower lease for the Tri-Municipal Park, he will review the lease information for Gregg and Potter Township and make his recommendations to each Board. He also made some changes to the Penns Valley Emergency Management Association Workers Compensation joint agreement due to the request from Solicitor Miller. He would like the board to review it and then he can send it off to Mr. Miller who represents several of the other Townships. It has been suggested by Mr. Miller that the agreement be dated and payments to begin January 1, 2015 but Mr. Rayman feels they should start paying starting with the 4th quarter of 2013 regardless of when the agreement is dated.

Mr. John Myers, Millheim, addressed the board and asked about the status of the burn ordinance. Mr. Joel Myers reported that a formal charge has been given to the Planning Commission to look at the existing burn ordinance in regards to the definition and the adherence to state regulations. The Planning Commission will begin to look at this at their December meeting.  Mr. John Myers also asked about any actions that will be taken by the Zoning Officer concerning the installation of a new outdoor wood burning stove on Cooper Street. Mr. Rayman asked the board to hold off responding to this question due to a law suit that has been filed.

Mr. Rayman was dismissed at this point in the meeting.

Emergency Management Coordinator/Fire Company:  Mr. Grenoble not in attendance.

Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: The Old Gregg School Advisory Meeting was held on October 30. Ms. Burrows thanked the board for hosting the joint meeting. She reported that the building is rented to capacity. There will be a craft fair on December 13 from 10 to 2 at the Old Gregg School. The board is working on other ideas to generate revenue. There will be a free thanksgiving meal on Wednesday, November 26th hosted by the Penns Valley Youth Center and Penn Valley Community Church. There will be a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning to benefit the Hope Fund. The floor waxing schedule is being developed for over the holiday breaks.  Discussion of the Old Gregg School Facebook Page was discussed. Township resident Mike Whitmer suggested the board look into holding high school mixers on Friday nights after football games and events. They no longer do this at the high school.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency (PVCEA): Mike Lesniak was not in attendance but gave the board his written report.

Penns Valley Emergency Medical Association (PVEMA): Mr. Leary was not in attendance.

Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission (PVRPC): Mr. Bierly was not yet in attendance.

Gregg Township Planning Commission:  Mr. Bierly was not yet in attendance.  

Rails to Trails: Nothing new to report.

Tri-Municipal Park:  The Highway Occupancy Permit was submitted and a draft for the cell phone tower agreement with Verizon has been distributed. This cell tower will generate income for the park for 25 years.

Water/Sewer Authorities: Mr. Horner reported for the Sewer Authority that the tank sand blasting has begun and it should take about two weeks. Everything else is fine.

Guest Speaker: Zach Gay addressed the Board at this point in the meeting. He asked them to consider allowing 2 stick build homes on one parcel. Mr. Chris Kunes, Planning Commission, said they are willing to take a look at this ordinance and consider the positive and negative effects a request such as this would have on the ordinance. They would then make their recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.  Mr. Stover made a motion to charge the Planning Commission to review the current Zoning Ordinance as it is written in regards to having two stick built homes on one parcel. Second by Mr. Myers. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous.  2 – 0


Meeting Minutes: Mr. Stover  made a motion to approve the October 1, 2014 Regular Board of Supervisors meeting minutes and the October 28, 2014 budget meeting minutes. Second by Mr. Myers. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 2 – 0

Checking Account Detail:  Mr. Stover made a motion to accept and approve the Checking Account Detail/Monthly Financial Report as presented. Second by Mr. Myers. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 2 – 0

Mr. Bierly arrived at 7:27.

Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the expenditure to advertise the 2015 proposed budget. Second by Mr. Stover. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the expenditure to advertise a notice that the Township will hire a CPA to do the annual audit. Second by Mr. Stover. No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous 3 – 0

Mr. Bierly reported the date for the next Regional Planning Commission Meeting will be held November 17, 2014. The farmland trust presentation will take place at the meeting.


The Roadmaster’s Report was inadvertently skipped at this meeting.


Musser Property: Musser v. Gregg Township, et al. (Case No. 2011-4845): See discussion above.

Codification:  A brief discussion took place. We will continue to move forward with this. The Planning Commission will look at the codification at the December meeting.

Electricity at the Ball field: Mr. Horner reported that the electric will be finalized this next week. Mr. Bierly questioned where the Township’s half of this cost would come from. He stated the Old Gregg School was not in favor of the pole but the Board of Supervisors voted to move forward with it.  It was explained that the cost was paid from the Recreation Fee in Lieu fund.

Playground:  Ms. Snyder not here to report. The next playground meeting will be held November 13th.

PVEMA – Workers Compensation Municipal Agreement:  See the discussion above.


Sign Inventory Management System Replacement Procedures:  Mr. Stover made a motion to do a blanket replacement Sign Inventory Management System. Second by Mr. Bierly.  No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous.  3 – 0

Grapevine Newsletter – Ideas for December Addition:  Discussion took place for suggestions to include in the newsletter.


1.       Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority Report

2.       Letter from County Assessment Office – 2015 Real Estate Assessed Value

3.       Letter from County Assessment Office – Real Estate Appeal Decisions

4.       DCNR Letter – PV Rails to Trails Implementation Grant Denial Letter

5.       DCNR Letter- Grant awarded for playground

6.       Penn DOT Letter  – Notice of Estimated Allocation Municipal Liquid Fuels and Turnback

7.       Home Nursing Agency Donation Request

8.       Penn DOT Minutes from pre construction conference for SR2007, Section A01 Penns Creek Box Culvert

9.       DEP Letter – Dusk To Dawn Lighting Grant Denial Letter

The meeting correspondence was reviewed and discussed. 

Mr. Bierly added that Jeff Kimball is going to be working on putting dusk to dawn lighting for the flag pole.


Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn at 7:40 p.m. Second by Mr. Stover.  No further discussion. Vote in favor was unanimous.  3-0

Respectfully Submitted By,



Joel Myers


Joel Myers, Chairman

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