Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

February 2014 Joint Meeting Minutes


Gregg Township, Centre County

Joint Meeting of the Authorities, Boards and Commissions

Meeting Minutes February 3, 2014


 Board of Supervisors: Joel Myers-Chairman, Douglas Bierly, Charles Stover; Staff: Jennifer Snyder, Laron Horner, Brandon Ripka; Water Authority: Thomas Stitzer, Dale Musser; Sewer Authority; Joe Kunst, Gil Morrison, Greg Williams; Planning Commission: Chris Kunes, Mike Arthur, Don Myers, Jane Scheuchenzuber, Kristen Riddle; Auditors: Stephen Black; Zoning Hearing Board: Donald Albertson, Dennis Pagen, Andy Riddle, Jim Confer, Herb Grove; Tax Collector: Donna Miller; Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: Jane Burrows, Keri Miller, Peggy Myers; Zoning Officer: Mike Lesniak


Chairman Chris Kunes called the meeting to order 6:50 p.m. followed by the group reciting the pledge of allegiance.


Mr. Kunes called for a motion from the Planning Commission to accept the January 13, 2014 Reorganization meeting minutes. Mr. Arthur made a motion to accept the January 13, 2014 meeting minutes. Second by Ms.Riddle. Vote in favor was unanimous. 6 – 0


Auditors (Stephen Black): Chairman Black reported that the Auditors held their reorganization meeting in January and the meeting minutes from 2013 were approved.  

Board of Supervisors: (Joel Myers, Douglas Bierly, Charles Stover): The Board of Supervisors held their Reorganization meeting in January.  Mr. Myers is the new chairman for the Board.  He welcomed Charles Stover to the board. Mr. Myers would like to encourage more business interest in the township.

Emergency Management /Fire Company: Mr. Dale Musser reported that the fire company will need a new tanker truck in the upcoming months.  

Old Gregg School Advisory Committee (Jane Burrows, Doug Bierly, Keri Miller, Peggy Myers): Ms. Burrows reported that there is a new tenant in Room #207. They continue to have Movie Night, Ballroom dancing and Open Mic Night on a monthly basis. There is also Fun and Fitness Friday’s happening weekly which is sponsored by the Penns Valley Community Church (PVCC). They are starting to form a playground committee to look into raising funds to replace and upgrade the playground facility which was built in about 1996. There will be a spring craft fair with an Easter egg hunt. The gym is being rented on a regular basis for lots of different events. They received a grant to put hot water in the showers in the basement for our fitness folks. There is an upcoming sportsman’s banquet sponsored by the PVCC and there will be a Yoga event in April. All rooms are now rented in the facility.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency (PVCEA) (Mike Lesniak): Mr. Lesniak gave a brief update for the PVCEA. He is now the Zoning Officer for Gregg Township as well.

Planning Commission (Chris Kunes-Chairman, Mike Arthur, Don Myers, Doug Bierly, Jane Scheuchenzuber, Kristen Riddle): Chairman Kunes reported that it has been a slow year in the Subdivision and Land Development area.  They continue to work on Rails to Trails and Source Water Protection.

Roads (Laron Horner, Brandon Ripka): The Township has been busy plowing snow this winter.  They are concerned with residents that are plowing/blowing snow into the roadway. They don’t mind so much if it occurs before they plow but after they plow this pile up of snow freezes and can be a real hassle to deal with.

Sewer Authority (Gil Morrison, Joe Kuntz, Laron Horner): Mr. Morrison reported that the Sewer Authority is keeping its head above water and they were able to get through another year. They are looking at tank maintenance which will be an expensive issue.

Tax Collector (Donna Miller): Ms. Miller was reelected as the Tax Collector for Gregg Township.  She is also the Gregg Township representative for the Tax Collection Committee which meets a few times a year.

TRI-Municipal Park: Mr. Hankinson emailed an update on the Tri-municipal Park. He stated that the Tri-municipal Park committee is still working to get a Highway Occupancy on to Upper Brush Valley Road.  Part of our problem is a lack of information about exactly what information to include in our HOP request.  We intend to build-out only about 60 acres for the foreseeable future, but Penn Dot is basing our usage on the eventual build-out of the full 165 acres.  This has created a conundrum, in that the traffic flows for a full 165 acre park could mandate the construction of turning lanes on Upper Brush Valley Rd.  We are now assessing how to frame our application to avoid a traffic study, and/or a large construction project to get an access for a smaller sized park. Our new Chairman for this year is Potter Township supervisor Jake Tannis, Vice chair is Ray Hankinson.

Water Authority (Tom Stitzer, Laron Horner, Dale Musser): Mr. Stitzer reported that the Water Authority installed all new meters in town. The process went very smoothly and they thanked the township for their support of this effort. He commended Mr. Horner for a job well done.

Zoning Hearing Board (Don Albertson, Dennis Pagen, James Confer, Herb Grove): The group reported that they had one hearing this past year for a property on Upper Georges Valley Road. They are meeting to reorganize on February 6, 2014. There are two new members to the Zoning Hearing Board, Mr. Herb Grove and Mr. Andy Riddle who is serving at the alternate to that board.  


Rails to Trails: The feasibility study is about finished. There are 3 distinct sections of the trial that will be feasible for development. 

Penns Valley Youth Center (Keri Miller): Ms. Miller gave an update of events that are happening in the youth center. They have an after school program that serves 7 – 12 graders in the valley. They are served a full meal. They are holding an art show in the next few weeks. They are also holding a Fundraising banquet. The dinner will be free but you are welcome to make a donation to the Youth Center to attend the event. A possible speaker may be the new PSU football coach.

Communication with Residents: Chairman Myers would like to have open forum meetings such as this with residents of the township where they could discuss topics with Township leaders. He would like to see this take place every couple of months.  We will be utilizing the Grapevine to get more information on a regular basis to residents.

 Statements of Financial Interest: Need to be in to Ms. Snyder by April 30, 2014

ADJOURN: Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted By:


Jennifer Snyder


Jennifer Snyder


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