Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

October 2013


Gregg Township, Centre County

Board of Supervisors Meeting

October 10, 2013


Supervisors: Chairman Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers;

Staff: Laron Horner – Roadmaster, Jennifer Snyder – Secretary/Treasurer

Other: Robert Rayman – Solicitor, Don Grenoble – Emergency Management, Mike Lesniak – PVCEA, Jane Burrows– Old Gregg School Advisory Committee

Visitors: Dianne Musser, Donna Miller, LuAnn Benner, Zach Gay, John James Gay

CALL TO ORDER The Gregg Township, Centre County, Board of Supervisors meeting was called to order by Chairman Patrick Leary at 7:03 p.m. followed by the group reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


LuAnn Benner, Village of Spring Mills, addressed the board concerning a problem she is having with her neighbor’s rooster. The Supervisors have been looking into her concern and have spoken with the Planning Commission about the matter. The Planning Commission suggested we use the permitted uses for the Village Residential district as means of nuisance control. Mr. Lesniak, Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency, will look into this. Discussion took place.

Mr. Zach Gay asked the board to sign off on the Hosterman Sewage facilities planning module.  Discussion took place. Mr. Myers made a motion that the board approves the Sewage Planning Module for the Nancy J. Hosterman Subdivision. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0



Old Gregg School: Ms. Jane Burrows addressed the BOS representing the Old Gregg School Advisory Committee. They have new tenant for Room #207 starting in January 2014. The 2nd Open Mic Night was held on October 5th. October 19th is movie night. They are showing Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Illusionist. On October 20, there will be another Bingo Night to fundraiser for The OGS, Pets Come First, and the Cancer Society. WPSU Story Corps is coming to Old Gregg School on October 17 – 19 to record oral history of the area.  The United Way Day of Caring took place at the center.  A nice lunch was provided by members of the OGS advisory committee.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency:  Mr. Lesniak reported they are taking the resident with trash grievance complaints on Cooper and Toolshed Lane to the District Magistrate on November 19th. He also reported that a letter was sent to the house on Water Street that has several portable sheds and several lawn mowers on their property and it appears there is a lawn mowing repair business going on there. The letter outlines the permitting process. The complaint at Long’s trailer court was taken care of. Mr. Lesniak is attending a Building Code Inspection Course.


Mr. Leary moved the discussion concerning the Firehall Spur to this point on the agenda.

Fire Hall Road Spur: Mr. Franson, Franson Engineering, presented the results of the surveying done on Firehall Road. The costs to reconfigure this intersection to a T intersection would be approximately $350,000 to $450,000. Discussion took place. Mrs. Miller was in the audience and the information was shared with her. Mrs. Miller wanted to clarify that they are not liable for an incident that may occur on this road. The board confirmed this with her.




Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the September 12, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0

Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the Budget Meeting Minutes from September 23, 2013 and September 24, 2013. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0

Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the Checking Account Detail. Second by Mr.Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0   



Snow Fence: Discussion took place as to where and when the Township would install snow fences this year. The Board was in favor of putting snow fence up at Runkle’s on west end of Green Grove Road and Stitzer’s at the North end of Bitner Hollow Road.

Dirt & Gravel Road Conference: Mr. Horner attended  the Dirt & Gravel Road Conference in Mifflinburg. He received free tuition to attend through the LTAP program. We will get reimbursement for the tuition. Mr. Horner enjoyed the conference and it  was very informative. We can now apply for grants for our dirt roads.

Road Side Vegetation Course: Mr. Horner and Mr. Ripka attended this course.

Equipment: Mr. Horner would like to sell the Salt Spreader. He is also concerned about the Kubota Tractor. It is too small for the needs of the Township and continues to break down and be expensive to repair. Discussion of a chipper took place.

Speed Limit Signs: He will replace the signs on Green Grove to replace the East Green Grove Road sign.



Musser Property, Musser v. Gregg Township, et al. (Case No. 2011-4845): There was an appeal filed in the Superior Court. Because of this appeal, C. Wayne Company, Inc. is reluctant to finalize the deal until things are settled.

Codification:  We need to get changes to them so that a final draft can be sent. Mr. Bierly would like more time to look through the draft.

Ross Hill Bridge:  The Bridge is open to through traffic. They are waiting for guide rails to be installed. We will have grand opening of the bridge in November.

Fire Hall Road Spur: See discussion above.



Budget: Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept and advertise the proposed budget and have a public hearing on November 14, 2013 during the regular Board of Supervisors meeting. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 - 0

Penns Valley Regional Comprehensive Plan:  The board should look over this and get back to Ms. Snyder with their preferred priorities. She will combine their suggestions and get back to Ms. Marshall by November 12 with the Township’s priorities.

PVCEA: Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the addendum to change the bylaws at the PVCEA so that they can hire an accountant instead of a CPA firm to do their audit contingent upon them sending the proper paperwork to be signed. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Newsletter: Discussion took place.  Ms. Snyder will work on a rough draft for the board to approve and get a submission to the November issue of the Grapevine.

Trick or Treat Night in Gregg Township: Mr. Myers made a motion to approve October 31 from 6 – 8 p.m. as the official date and time for Trick or Treating in Gregg Township. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Centre County Liquid Fuels Grant 2014: Discussion took place. Mr. Bierly made a motion to ask Mr. Franson to complete this grant form for the Township for repair work that needs to be done on the bridge over Muddy Creek on Lower Georges Valley Road. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Fee In-Lieu:  Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the transfer of funds from the Fee In-Lieu account to reimburse the Old Gregg School who purchased protective mats for the gym walls. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0



Gregg Township Planning Commission:  Mr. Bierly reported that there will be a combined meeting with the Water Authority, Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission to hear a presentation on the Source Water Protection program. Ms. Snyder has advertised for this meeting which will be held on Monday, October 28 at 7:30 p.m. in Room #106.

Emergency Management Coordinator:  Mr. Grenoble thanked the Township for handing the Foreign Fire Insurance money. We got an email that stated the money from the summer storm disaster is still forthcoming.  

Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities:  The Water Authority will meet with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors at their upcoming meeting.  They again thanked the Supervisors for their cooperation with their water meter project.

Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission:  A presentation of the Potters Gap project was given.

Tri-Municipal Park: They are still working on the Highway Occupancy Permit

Rails to Trails: They are working and focusing on four separate sections of the trail where they have the most support. 



The board reviewed the correspondence.



Mr. Myers made a motion to adjourn at 9:06 p.m. Second by Mr. Beirly. Vote in favor was unanimous.  3 -0


Respectfully Submitted By,




Jennifer Snyder



Jennifer Snyder


Gregg Township, Centre County

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