Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

May 2013


Gregg Township, Centre County

Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda

May 9, 2013


Supervisors: Chairman Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers;

Staff: Laron Horner – Roadmaster, Jennifer Snyder – Secretary/Treasurer

Other: Robert Rayman – Solicitor, Don Grenoble – Emergency Management , Jane Burrows – Old Gregg School Advisory Committee, Michael Lesniak – Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency

Visitors: Dianne Musser, Dave Hosterman, Larry Moror, Zach Gay, Cindy Bittel– RCxBD, Katie Flynn - RCxBD

CALL TO ORDER The Gregg Township, Centre County, Board of Supervisors meeting was called to order by Chairman Patrick Leary at 7:03 p.m. followed by the group reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.



Old Gregg School: Jane Burrows, a representative of the Old Gregg School Advisory Committee reported the following.  The advisory board has been meeting with Mary Kay Williams to discuss the mission statement for the Old Gregg School.  They have asked the tenants to be involved to share their opinion as to how they see things going in the future. They will have one more session with Ms. Williams. The Farmer’s Market is finished for the season. This will pick up again in the fall. A craft fair was held in conjunction with the season’s last Farmers Market and was a success.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency:  Mr. Lesniak was in attendance and reported the following.  They attended a Highway Occupancy Permitting workshop. He is still following up on two complaints in the Township. There are 90 permits in progress.

RCxBD Energy Audit Report for the Old Gregg School: Cindy Bittel and Katie Flynn from RCxBd, conducted an Level 2 Energy Audit of the Old Gregg school and Township Shed. They presented their report on the Old Gregg School to the Board of Supervisors. The report will be given to the Board later in the month. They will present their report on the Township shed at the June BOS meeting.


Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the April 11, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes and the Special Meeting Minutes from April 20, 2013. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0

Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the Checking Account Detail. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0   

Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept the Annual Audit conducted by Parente Beard. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Mr. Bierly made a motion to expend $8,000 to cover the cost of the Energy Audit. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0

Pans for the lights on the 2nd floor of the Old Gregg School were discussed. Mr. Bierly made a motion to go ahead with the pans for the lights. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 – 0


Mr. Horner reported the following. The chips were placed at the ball field for residents to take. They installed two fire doors in the boiler room, fixed the wooden door to the outside entrance of the fitness room as well as repaired the chain link fence around propane tanks of the Old Gregg School. They have begun pot hole patching on the paved roads as well as those on the dirt roads. They mowed Sinking Creek road and Lingle Valley road. They started crack sealing on Lower Georges Valley and they will be coming back on Monday to do Green Grove Road. The Sterling truck is still in the garage. Intersections were swept.  We need to send one preferably two people to the Dirt and Gravel Road Workshop which are being held in June in Indiana PA or in July in Lancaster PA.  The crew is also going to start stoning the mountain roads. Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the crack sealing. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous 3 – 0. Mr. Horner would like the Board to look at the property that is being sold by Gettig’s as a possible storage facility for the Township.


Final Plan – Subdivision of Tax Parcel 21-8-39 for Nancy J. Hosterman: Discussion took place. Mr. Rayman will contact Mr. Burwell at the County Planning Office for further clarification on this subdivision plan.

Musser Property, Musser v. Gregg Township, et al. (Case No. 2011-4845): A pre-trial motion was not filed. They still have time to file an appeal. We will have to wait until this has expired which will be May 20, 2013.  

 Mr. Leary moved the discussion of the Amended Township Ordinances from New Business to this point on the agenda.

Changes to Zoning Ordinance and Village Burn Ordinance: The Board is exploring changes in the Zoning Ordinance and to the Village Burn Ordinance to be in compliance with Department of Environmental Protection regulations so that we may be eligible to apply for grants in the future. Ms. Snyder will make additional changes to the draft and get it ready to be given to the Planning Commission and to the County Planning Office. Mr. Myers made a motion to begin the process to bring our Zoning Ordinance and the Village Burn Ordinance in-line with the requirements in the Department of Environmental Protection grants. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0

Mr. Rayman was excused at this point.

 Codification:  Nothing new to report.

Ross Hill Bridge:  There will be a pre-construction meeting held on May 21, 2013 at 11 a.m. in Room #106 of the Old Gregg School.

Rails to Trails: Everything going as scheduled. We received a 2nd drawdown from the DCNR which was deposited into the Rails to Trails account. Ms. Snyder sent out a spreadsheet with financial details of this grant.

Ag Security: Mr. Leary and Mr. Myers attended a workshop on Ag Security at the PSATS conference. They learned that the Township missed the seven year cut off to update and review our Ag Security so we will have to wait an additional seven years to begin this process.

Tri-Municipal Park Alternate: Tabled to another meeting.


CCATO Convention: All of the Board members and Ms. Snyder will attend the CCATO Convention to be held on May 29, 2013 at 7 p.m. Ms. Snyder will take care of registration.

Workers Compensation for Volunteer Fire Companies: The Township received a letter from our Insurance Company letting us know that EMC, our liability insurance company, will not be renewing our coverage for our Volunteer Firefighters due to Act 46 of 2011 Firefighters Cancer Presumption Law. A separate policy will have to written to cover the Workers’ Compensation policy for the fire company through the State Workers’ Insurance Fund. The Insurance would like to meet with the Board and representatives from the Fire Company.

Changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Village Burn Ordinance: See discussion above.

White Goods and Appliance Collection: Discussion took place. The board decided to table this to another time.

Approve New Address – 402 Penns Cave Road: Discussion took place. No objections.


Gregg Township Planning Commission: Nothing new to report.

Emergency Management Coordinator:  The parade alternate route was discussed. Mr. Bierly will begin working on the parade permit.  Ms. Snyder will write letters to the bordering Townships and Boroughs to ask for their fire police assistance with the parade.

Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities:  We need to hire someone to install the meters. They will be a seasonal employee of the Township.

Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission:  They will meet on Monday, May 20, 2013

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: See discussion above.

Tri-Municipal Park: There will be a meeting on May 21, 2013 that everyone is invited to attend. They are trying to form their own municipal authority.


The board reviewed the correspondence.


Mr. Myers made a motion to adjourn at 9:39 p.m. Second by Mr. Beirly. Vote in favor was unanimous.  3 -0

Respectfully Submitted By,


Jennifer Snyder


Jennifer Snyder


Gregg Township, Centre County


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