Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

April 2013


Gregg Township, Centre County

Board of Supervisors Special Meeting

April 20, 2013


Supervisors: Chairman Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers;

Others:  Old Gregg School Advisory Committee members – Robin Bastress, Jane Burrowes, Carol Yeagley

CALL TO ORDER The Gregg Township, Centre County, Board of Supervisors special meeting was called to order by Chairman Patrick Leary at 8:05 a.m.


VOLUNTEER DINNER: A motion was made Joel Myers and seconded by Douglas Bierly to approve expending funds from the Culture and Recreation section of general funds to pay for Robin Bastress and guest for the Centre County Council for Human Services Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  The Old Gregg School Advisory Committee nominated Ms. Bastress for an award. The vote was unanimous.

 OGS LEASE/FEES:  Discussion took place concerning the wording in lease agreements with the tenants of the Old Gregg School.  The group agreed to a 5% increase in lease charges raising the price from $7.00 per sq. ft. to $7.35 per sq. ft. starting in January 2014. Thrifty Tails ‘n’ Paws lease has already expired and will be amended to expire December 31, 2013. The language in our lease agreements needs to be updated to include an escalator clause. The amenities that have been added to the Old Gregg School in the recent past should be outlined for tenants.  A motion was made by Douglas Bierly and seconded by Joel Myers to raise the OGS tenants' rent by 5% effective January 1, 2014. The vote was unanimous.

The fee schedule for the Old Gregg School classroom, kitchen, fitness room and gym were discussed and approved by the OGS Advisory Committee. This will go into effect starting July 2013. A motion was made by Douglas Bierly and seconded by Joel Myers to increase the fees charged for occasional use of the OGS facilities in accordance with a fee schedule proposed by Robin Bastress. Vote was unanimous.

 Communication between the Board of Supervisors and the OGS Advisory committee was discussed and it was suggested that in addition to Mr. Bierly, that other members of the Board of Supervisor attend OGS Advisory Committee meetings on a quarterly basis to discuss center issues and needs.

AGENDA ITEMS NOT DISCUSSED:  2nd floor ceiling insulation in the OGS was determined to not be necessary in the April 14th meeting of the BOS where it was voted against.

The request for a mobile home permit requested by Leotta Long was deemed to be ordinary business and did not require discussion.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted By,


Douglas Bierly


Douglas Bierly

Assistant Secretary

Gregg Township, Centre County

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