Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

August 2012


Gregg Township, Centre County

Board of Supervisors Meeting

August 9, 2012



Supervisors: Chairman Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers;

Staff: Laron Horner – Roadmaster, Sewer & Water Authority,

Other: Beckie Lease – Recording Secretary, Robert Rayman – Solicitor, Don Grenoble – Emergency Management , Tom Stitzer-Water Authority, Donna Miller – Gregg Township Tax Collector, Mike Bloom – Centre County Planning Office, Jane Burrows – Old Gregg School Advisory Committee, Jason Shura –Keller Engineers, Inc.

Visitors: Dianne Musser, Leslie Klein, Jerry Himes, Jr.

CALL TO ORDER The Gregg Township, Centre County, Board of Supervisors meeting was called to order by Chairman Patrick Leary at 7:02 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

RECOGNITION OF DONNA MILLER: Mr. Leary presented Ms. Miller with a Certificate of Appreciation for her years of service as the Appointed Tax Collector for Gregg Township. This position has been terminated due to state regulations that centralize the collection of Earned Income Tax. She served in this capacity for 26 years. Pictures were taken.



OLD GREGG SCHOOL: (Jane Burrows) The Advisory Committee met on 8/7. Discussion of the budget took place. Looking at renting out Room 207 currently where the fitness center is upstairs. They have discussed having Friday night movie nights for the community. Madison Bressler will be working on her Senior Project by planting perennials along School Street. Fifth Anniversary yard sale and other activities are for scheduled for 9/22. Currently work is progressing on the Gregg Township history book. AED has been installed. We are going to have a fundraiser to help train people on the use of the AED. The committee has submitted two grants, one to paint the ball field area, and one to replace the showers in the basement. We should receive notification mid-August. The committee would like to rename the ball field "OGS Community Field" and the community kitchen "Oats, Greens, and Sweets." Doug Bierly made a motion to approve both names, seconded by Joel Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0 Doug Bierly made a motion to give $50 towards the advertisement for the Penns Valley Girls basketball Program which will include advertisements from other tenants in the building, seconded by Joel Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0.

HARTER ROAD BRIDGE: Jason Shura, Keller Engineers reported that bids were due on 8/8 at 2:30 p.m. There was a glitch found in the concrete mix for the deck. After several contractors could not get the concrete mix locally an addendum was made to extend the bidding process until 8/15 at 2:30 p.m. All contractors were notified changing to the old mix design. The bridge should be finished this fall even with the tight schedule. Modification in the paving schedule may be necessary. This could cause some maintenance problems but that will be worked out as we progress. It is their hope that the base coat can be applied in the fall at the very least, with the wearing coat applied in the spring. Doug Bierly made a motion to retroactively approve the addendum, seconded by Joel Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0. Doug Bierly made a motion to approve the construction inspection/services proposal, seconded by Joel Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0 Temporary easements have been acquired and are smaller than original to protect environment. This makes no changes to the already acquired easements. To keep the project moving on schedule, after we have opened the bids, the Township will have to immediately authorize the contractor to create the shop drawings to prepare the beams. This will happened before the contract has been awarded. Keller will review the bids and make recommendation to the board with a very quick turnover.

ROSS HILL BRIDGE: Jason Shura, Keller Engineers gave a quick update of the Ross Hill Bridge. Reviewed by PennDot. They are currently ahead of schedule. Submissions will begin in September. Construction is to begin in 2013.

RAILS TO TRAILS: The selection committee short listed 4 firms to interview. They were very competitive interviews. Interviews took place August 1, 2012. Mike Bloom, Centre County Planning Office made a recommendation of Albertin/Vernon Architects of Loganton, PA to the Board of Supervisors as the top ranked firm. The Board of Supervisors thanked Mr. Bloom for all of his hard work on this project. Doug Bierly made a motion to enter into a contract with Albertin/Vernon, seconded by Joel Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0 The next step is that letters will be sent to all other contractors and the bid winner.


Joel Myers made a motion to approve the minutes from July 12, 2012, seconded by Doug Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0

Joel Myers made a motion to accept and approve the Checking Account Detail Report, seconded by Doug Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0


Laron Horner, Roadmaster, reported the roller is 10 years old and has 630 hours on it at a cost of $18,400. The roller has worked ok for the time it was used. This is the last month we can rent it. The trailer will need to be adapted to move the roller. Joel Myers made a motion to purchase the roller, seconded by Doug Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0

Currently , the crew is working on the berms on Lower Georges Valley Road. They are still cleaning up storm damage. A small chain saw was purchased from the Millheim Small Engine Shop to help cut up fallen trees. They will be working on Vanada Gap Road next. Need to use backhoe and other equimpent to cut down the road to fix drainage problem.


Musser Property: Robert Rayman, Solicitor, reported working on the definition of Martin Musser. There will be a deposition.

ACT 13: A 4-3 decision in the Commonweath Court declared parts of Act 13 unconstitutional. Robert Rayman said we could 1. Do nothing, 2. Finish the draft of the ordinance and wait until the appeal is complete to adopt the ordinance. 3. Go ahead and finish ordinance and adopt.

Mr. Leary brought the New Business Conditional Use Permits to this point in the meeting.

CONDITIONAL USE PERMITS: Ms. Klein and Mr. Himes appeared before the board to apply for a conditional use permit. There must be an advertised hearing before a conditional use permit is granted. The Township will get them an application to fill out and will put them on the agenda for the September Board of Supervisors meeting.

Codification: Nothing new to report.

Ross Hill Bridge: See update above.

Harter Road Bridge: See update above.

CDBG: Nothing new to report

Rails to Trails: See notes above.

SEDA COG UTILITY BILLS ANALYSIS: Tracy Richards stopped by the office and they now want Gregg Township to pay $3,000-6,000 towards the analysis. Doug Bierly will get back to SEDA-COG asking why the change.


Minor Land Development Proposal-Spring Mills Fish and Game Association Meeting Hall: The Planning Commission looked over this and found it acceptable. This is an information only proposal. Mr. Bierly will check with Mr. Hankinson to see where he stands on this project.


Gregg Township Planning Commission: Does Gregg Township need to have a property maintenance ordinance? Start with checking out ordinances for Potter, Penn, Miles, etc. Glenn Ripka at PVCEA may be able to help give you get copies of other townships ordinances.

Emergency Management Coordinator: Don Grenoble reported that Randy Rockey, current EMA, had a serious accident and will be recuperating for quite a while. Mr. Grenoble asked about the electric bills when the project started and was there a change in the billing. Mr. Bierly reported the project started in March and we have seen a decrease in the invoices.

There was a person working at the Firemen's Carnival that injured his finger. Mr. Bierly called him last week and received no return call. Person will need to fill out workman's compensation paperwork in order to file a claim.

Water maps were received from Centre County Planning with updated locations for water use. Don Grenoble will need to meet with Doug Young to look over and make any changes before getting back to the Planning Commission.

Gregg Township Sewer and Water Authority: Tom Stitzer, Water Authority, reported a county grant has been received to purchase water meters and horns. They must go from house to house to determine the number of each needed and report back to the county. Grant will only pay a municipal employee to install about 180-190 meters. There will be backhoe work to be done as well as plumbing. BOS felt that someone could be hired as a temporary employee to complete this project.

Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission: The PVRPC will meet again in September.

TRI-Municipal Park: Potter Township approved the Highway Occupancy Permit. Ms. Arujio is getting telephone bids.


Laron Horner asked about backhoe services needed for the Kline Road creek bed project. Pat Leary will find out when project is going on and talk to Laron and Brandon on what is needed and how much time.

Doug Bierly spoke with Stanley C. Bierly about installing a duct down the upstairs hallway for the air conditioning and heat pump. Cost will be over $18,000 so we will need to specs this out to bid.

A special meeting will be held Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to open bids for Harter Bridge.


Martinec Farm Fish Habitat

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency July Report


Mr. Myers made a motion to adjourn at 8:35 p.m. , second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted By,

Beckie Lease


Beckie Lease, Recording Secretary

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