Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

May 2012


Gregg Township, Centre County

Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2012



Supervisors: Chairman Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers; Staff: Jennifer Snyder- Secretary/Treasurer, Mark Konopelski – Roadmaster, Robert Rayman – Solicitor, Laron Horner – Sewer & Water Authority, Don Grenoble – Emergency Management

Visitors: Dianne Musser, Louise Grenoble, Jane Burrows – Old Gregg School Advisory Committee

CALL TO ORDER The Gregg Township, Centre County, Regular Board of Supervisors meeting was called to order by Chairman Patrick Leary at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.



Jane Burrows- Old Gregg School Advisory (OGS) Committee: The last farmers market was held May 5th with a combined craft fair. The Penns Valley Community Church Teen Center is doing well. This past week, they had 22 attend on Wednesday and 12 attend on Monday. The kitchen is being used frequently. The Gym and upstairs Fitness Room are being used heavily. Pennsylvania Certified Organic is renting Room #208 now as a business center. At the OGS Advisory Committee meetings, they always discuss the budget and are always looking for ways to generate funds and cut costs.

PVCA Tom Doman- Mr. Doman was unable to attend.

REVIEW OF FUEL BIDS The Township received one fuel bid from Stanley C. Bierly. The bid was not an acceptable bid. We will need to rebid this one more time to see if bids are generated before we can go to phone quotes.

SECRETARY/TREASURER REPORT A motion was made by Mr. Bierly to approve the April 12, 2012 regular Board of Supervisors Meeting minutes and the April 26, 2012 Special Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0

The Checking Account detail for the month of April was presented to the Board. Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the April Checking Account Detail. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0

ROADMASTER REPORT Mr. Konopelski reported that the mowing has been started on Lower Georges Valley Road. This should be completed in a week or so. They have started the berm work and laying stone on Vonada Gap. The new Roller will help to finish this project. The old Roller was put on Municibid. The highest bid on Municibid was $2250. Mr. Myers made a motion to accept the bid by Mark Frisina for $2250 for the purchase of the 1985 Dresser Roller. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0 The roller does not have a title. We will have to create a bill of sale at the time of purchase.

The Road Crew poured bollards and concrete pads for the propane tanks at the back of the Old Gregg School. They are waiting for fencing to enclose it. They also patched the front porch steps and some of the side steps at the OGS. Work Orders have been helpful and a good system. Mr. Konopelski thanked the board for allowing him to attend the PSATS conference. He was able to attend a lot of beneficial courses.


Musser Property: Mr. Rayman reported the hearing has been scheduled for late in May. He will notify the Township with this date.

Constable: Mr. Eric Herrold was appointed at the Court of Common Pleas as Gregg Township Constable.

Codification: Keystate Publishers should have the draft back to us sometime this summer. Mr. Rayman reported that Potter Township finished their codification and Keystone Publishers did a great with their codification. With Act 13, we will have to revise our zoning ordinance. Mr. Rayman will write something up and give it to both townships to adopt.

Ross Hill Bridge/Harter Road Bridge: The Board of Supervisors called a special meeting on April 26, 2012 to meet with Keller Engineer's to discuss both bridge projects. This meeting served as a pre-design meeting for the Harter Road Bridge replacement project. They should have the engineering done on Harter Road Bridge in early fall so that total replacement can be completed before winter. Mr. Konopelski contacted the school district and they will fix the bus route so students aren't crossing Harter Bridge by foot. He also contacted a trooper about the horses that are crossing the bridge. They will look into this. It is a felony offense to cross a closed bridge. Mr. Konopelski also talked to trooper about cars driving in the little league field. Discussion took place. Mr. Konopelski will look into preventative measures. The Ross Hill Bridge Replacement project is off to a good start.

CDBG: Mr. Siegel of SEDA COG, sent a letter to Ms. Wiegand, of DCNR, requesting a close out date. The final draw down took place and the Township cut a check to the Water Authority.

Human Resources: We have a new Human Resource person, Danielle Hoffer, from Vantegen working with the Township. Things are moving along and we hope to have another draft of the Human Resources manual to approve in the next month.

Domestic Hot Water System: Hot Water system installed. Holes in ceiling will be covered and finalized in the next week. Discussion took place concerning the doors to the basement of the Old Gregg School.

Rails to Trails: We held a conference call with Mr. Fahringer and Mr. Bloom concerning the Rails to Trails feasibility study. There are two options to consider. #1 waive the RFP process and hire a contractor directly. #2 Proceed with the RFP. We have had several inquiries from firms to do the study. The board decided to continue with the RFP as planned. The budget for the grant was discussed. Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the following budget, $32,300 from DCNR, $27,300 from Gregg Township, and $5,000(in kind) from Centre County. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0 Ms. Snyder reminded the board to have all comments regarding the RFP to Mr. Bloom by May 16, 2012.

Trailer for new Roller: Mr. Konopelski received 3 quotes for a trailer to carry the Roller. Discussion took place. Mr. Bierly made a motion to purchase a trailer from Metzler's Trailer for $4250. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0

Family Life Address: Correspondence was received from Norman Spackman with a new Ridge Road address for this parcel. He will reserve the street name 110 Saviors Way for future development at this location.


O-12-01: When the ordinance was drafted, it was missing subsection c. and d of Section 304.D. We will have to do a curative amendment to include the missing subsections of Section 304 D. Mr. Rayman will work up the revised addition and give Ms. Snyder the instructions to complete this. We will need to send revisions to the Gregg Township Planning Commission and the Centre County Planning Commission for their comments. They have 30 days to respond. We can then proceed with the public hearing and adoptions of new ordinance.

Final Plan – Replot of Lands of Leotta Long: No action taken. Plan is finalized.

Minor Subdivision Plan and Sewage Facilities Planning Module for Ronald and Jackie Deardorff: Mr. Stan Wallace, Nittany Engineering, was here representing the Deardorff's. He asked the board approve the Sewage Facilities Planning Module. Discussion took place. Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the

Sewage Facilities Planning Module for Ronald and Jackie Deardorff. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0 Mr. Wallace asked to board to adopt a resolution to revise the Act 537 plan. Mr. Bierly made a motion to adopt Resolution R-12-10 which revises our act 537 Plan. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0

Minor Land Development Proposal -Lloyd and Naomi King: The proposal is asking for the conversion of an accessory farm building into a commercial manufacturing facility for maple syrup. Discussion took place. Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the Minor Land Development Proposal for Lloyd and Naomi King. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0

Planning Module- Carl and Patricia Catherman: Mr. Fred Henry, 6970 South Eagle Valley Road, Port Matilda, PA, representing the Catherman's, addressed the board with the Planning Module for tax parcel 21-5-38.They are creating 3 lots from this parcel. Mr. Myers made a motion to accept the Sewage Facilities Planning Module Component 1 as recommended by the Planning Commission. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0 Mr. Bierly made a motion to respond to the County with no comment on the Municipal Response Request. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0

Newsletter: Ideas for articles to put in another issue of the grapevine were discussed. Ms. Snyder will work on articles and submit to the board. A CD with the Township logo was purchased from Gavek's Graphics. We can use the logo on the newsletter and other correspondence. Ms. Snyder is working on designing a letterhead.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: The PVCEA has contracted with the Bellefonte Borough to do code enforcement. Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve this action. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0


Gregg Township Planning Commission: The Planning Commission discussed the Catherman and Deardorff Subdivision plans as well as amending Ordinance O-12-01.

Emergency Management Coordinator: Mr. Grenoble just came from an EMA meeting tonight. He had training on weather from the National weather service. The Township Emergency Management Plan was discussed. Mr. Myers would like some training on this. He feels it would be good for Mr. Konopelski and Ms. Snyder to be trained on our plan as well. Ms. Snyder will contact Mr. Randy Rockey or Jody to see if they can do this training for the Township. National Incident Management System (NIMS) training was discussed. Mr. Snyder will get information to Mr. Konopelski and Mr. Myers in regards to this.

Gregg Township Sewer and Water Authority: The Board of Supervisors thanked the Sewer and Water Authorities for the tour of the facilities. Mr. Horner reported that all is normal for both. Mr. Horner thanked the Road Crew for their help patching ditches that were dug up for repairs.

Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission: Nothing new to report. They meet again on Monday, May 21, 2012

TRI-Municipal Park: Nothing new to report.


Parade Permit: The Township received the 2012 Parade Permit back from Penn DOT. A copy was given to Mr. Grenoble.

Prevailing Wage Reform: The Township received a letter from Kerry Benninghoff expressing his support of Prevailing Wage Reform. Discussion took place.

Centre County Municipal Planning Organization Letter: This letter was received to inform Township Officials and residents that a public comment period for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the Air Quality Conformity Analysis Report will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the State College Borough Municipal Building, Room 241.


Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn at 9:02 p.m. Second by Mr. Myers. Vote in favor was unanimous.


Respectfully Submitted By,


Jennifer Snyder, Secretary

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