Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

April 2012


Gregg Township, Centre County

Special Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2012


Supervisors: Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers; Staff: Roadmaster-Mark Konopelski; Engineer-Don Franson; Emergency Management Coordinator- Don Grenoble

VISITORS: Centre County Planning Office -Mike Bloom, Keller Engineers – Tom Morisi, Randy Grove; Penn DOT – Matt Kenepp, G. Randy Albert; Residents - Stevie Confer, Francis Confer

CALL TO ORDER: The Gregg Township, Centre County, Regular Board of Supervisors meeting was called to order by Chairman Patrick Leary at 4:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: No public comment at this time.


HARTER ROAD BRIDGE: Introductions were made. This meeting is a pre-design meeting with the Township and the Engineers. The Harter Road Bridge replacement will be a superstructure replacement using the current abutments. Keller Engineers discussed their plan to proceed. They do not want to increase the weight on the substructure with the new superstructure. It will be a single lane structure which will be wide enough to meet the needs of farm equipment transported over the bridge. Randy Grove will be the project manager from Keller Engineers. Any questions should be directed to him.

Timing of the bridge replacement was discussed. From a design standpoint, finishing the project before the winter is doable. The Township is contemplating replacing the deck until the entire superstructure can be replaced unless it can be totally replaced and opened before winter.

Mr. Confer, resident of Spring Mills, was hoping the Board would be moving on this project. He reported that the school bus has been dropping kids off down below and they are to walk across the bridge to get home. The Township will have to contact the School district to remind them that this is not permissible. It is against the law for anyone to cross a bridge that has been closed. Emergency management has been contacted and know that this bridge is still closed.

ROSS HILL BRIDGE: Keller Engineers will execute the contract for the Ross Hill Bridge with today's date. The Township will have to issue them a notice to proceed. They will get us a sample letter to put on letterhead, sign and send back to them.

RAILS TO TRAILS: Mr. Leary gave a brief description of the Rails to Trails project. The Board has designated funds from the sale of the Musser Property as a match for the feasibility study. Mr. Bloom gave the Board an update of the meeting that was held with Wes Fahringer, DCNR Project Manager. There are several options to proceed from this point. Mr. Fahringer and other members of the DCNR, recommends that the Townships should wave the RFP process and go straight to the consultant selection. Mr. Bloom asked for this recommendation from Mr. Fahringer and the DCNR to be put in writing. Discussion took place.

Cash Match from the Township: Right now in the Feasibility Study budget, the cash match from the Township is $17,190. If the Township is willing to put the entire cash match up front ($32,300 minus the county's in-kind donation of $5,000), then the optional consultant contribution match would allow for some increase in the scope of work. Discussion took place.

Mr. Bierly made a motion that the Township provides the additional cash match (total of $27,300) from the sale of the Musser property towards the Rails to Trails Feasibility Study. Any additional optional cash match will go towards the existing scope of work. Second by Mr. Myers. Mr. Grenoble, resident of Spring Mills, addressed the board with his disappointment that they are putting money into this black hole (rails to trails) which may not be the best place for them to be spending tax payer's dollars. Mr. Leary disagreed and reiterated that the Rails to Trails will bring money into the Township and it will provide a recreational opportunity to all members of the Township. Mr. Bloom indicated that at the end of this project, we will know if this project is feasible and the best and most logical way to get the trail developed. Mr. Myers feels that communication with the residents is a critical aspect of this project. The Township will need to find a consultant who can work with those for and against this project. Mr. Bierly would like to see the gentleman from the Pine Creek Trail address the Board to give them a feel for what they can expect as this project progresses. Motion was never voted on. Carry to next meeting.

OLD GREGG SCHOOL - Bollards and pad to cover propane tanks: Mr. Konopelski is pricing fencing at the Hardware Store. Concrete will be around $230. The total cost of the project is $500. Discussion took place.

BLUE BALL ROAD: Mr. Konopeleski and Mr. Hankinson met with both loggers from Blue Ball Road. We have pictures to back us up on the damage to the road. The time frame that the road was damaged fell within their permits to log the road. Mr. Konopelski presented the damages to these gentlemen as a three –way responsibility including the Township to get the road back to the same conditions before they began logging. There are 125 patches that need to be taken care of for a total of $145,000 to do the patchwork. Representatives from Hawbakers and HRI, Inc. both recommended that we do a 3" overlay up to the point where the road is tar and chipped instead of patching. Our next step is to talk with Mr. Rayman about this. In the future, we need to adopt a policy that before a permit is issued; there is a pre-permit evaluation of the road done with the Township, Code Enforcement and the permitee. They would all sign off on the road evaluation before any permit is given. Then periodically, the Roadmaster would check the road and if damages are being done, he would notify permitee to stop work until the road has been fixed. A discussion took place if this is something we need to be doing in house.

PENNS VALLEY FAMILY LIFE CHURCH: Is it permissible for this church to have their driveway given a name separate from a Ridge Road address? The board feels this is not an acceptable addressing for this driveway. The board feels unanimously that this driveway should have a ridge road address. Ms. Snyder will send a letter indicating the board's decision on this address.

WATER COMPANY BLOCK GRANT: The Community Development Block Grant Subgrantee Agreement for the Water Meter Purchases by the Water Authority was signed by the Board.

ROLLER: The Township needs to purchase a new roller after the accident which occurred on Vonada Gap Raod. It is not safe for us to use. Bradco has a used Roller Unit. Bradco will take $1000 for the old Roller as scrap. Mr. Konopelski feels we can sell the Roller on Municibid for more than that. Bradco will lease the Roller to the Township until funds are available to purchase. A trailer will have to be purchased to haul any of the new rollers. It can also be used to haul the mower. Mr. Myers made a motion to lease a Roller from Bradco as a short term rental and then reevaluate after several months. The old roller would be put out on Municibid. A used trailer will be purchased to haul the roller. Second by Mr. Bierly. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3-0


Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn at 6:39 p.m. Second by Mr. Leary. Vote in favor was unanimous. 3 -0

Respectfully Submitted By,

Douglas Bierly


Douglas Bierly

Assistant Secretary

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