Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

February Joint Meeting 2011


Water & Sewer Authorities, Supervisors, Planning Commission, and Fire Company

Minutes for February 28, 2011


Present: Chris Kunes, Doug Bierly, Don Myers, Julie Mason, Mike Arthur, Jane Scheuchenzuber, Pat Leary, Bill Seay, Mark Konopelski, Joel Myers, John Corman, Laron Horner, Robert Mix, Engineer

****There were several at the table that I do not know?????????? Fire company guys


Beckie Lease, Recording Secretary, Brian Long, Dale Musser,

Call To Order:

The meeting was called to order by Patrick Leary (I came in shortly before 7 and John Corman was already talking. Not sure when you began.

Water & Sewer Authority:

John Corman reviewed the Water & Sewer Authorities' financials. If there are any major problems, there is no cushion to cover the costs. Pat Leary offered Gregg Township's equipment to the Water & Sewer Authorities to use to help offset costs.

The life of the water plant is 30 years. Laron Horner reported that a failed water test would have to happen before they would have to upgrade to bin #4. There needs to be a larger base of customers to help spread the costs.

The life span of the sewer plant is 30 years. The maintenance costs will increase each year and one of the three tanks will need to be replaced in 5-6 years. Sewer Authority will compare costs of new tank versus getting a portable tank while current tank is being repaired.

In both the water and sewer, the customer base is limited and slowly declining, while costs are increasing. Both Authorities have done all they can to keep costs low for the customers.

Possible solutions: Increase rates, increase base, look at redevelopment of current area, advertise fishing and rails-to-trails to bring in second home buyers, workforce housing, new developments, look at negotiating lower interest loans.

Planning Commission:

Chris Kunes reported the Planning Commission acts on the Supervisors needs and researches projects for them. PC has worked on conservation subdivisions, development of the village district, working with Centre County Planning to complete the first two, affordable housing either new or redevelopment to keep homes sustainable for low income residents. Anything residents can suggest to Supervisors to give to PC to review. Vacant commercial properties list is being compiled for the County so they can direct businesses to those properties.


Joel Myers felt this was an informative meeting for all and should be held on an annual basis.

Pat Leary reported a green brush pile was lit in the Georges Valley area and smoldered for five days. Planning Commission may want to look at the burn ordinance to include the outer areas that fires must be put out in 24 hours and not left to smolder.

Public Comment

Mr. Long felt several property owners should be held accountable to clean up their properties of abandoned vehicles, excessive junk, and garbage.

Dale Musser stated that he received a letter from an attorney telling him to stop any changes to his property. He said the railroad never owned this property. Another gentleman said that if the railroad ever abandoned the railroad bed, it would go back to the original property owner.

Robert Mix, Solicitor for Water Authority stated that there are several ways that rails were deeded.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Minutes submitted by

Beckie Lease

Recording Secretary

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