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April 2011


Gregg Township Supervisors

Regular Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2011

Call to Order: The April 14, 2011 regular meeting of the Gregg Township, Centre Co Board of Supervisors was held in the Old Gregg School, Room 106, 106 School Street, Spring Mills PA. Chairman Patrick Leary called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. In attendance: Vice President Doug Bierly, Supervisor Joel Myers, Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Snyder and Solicitor Robert Rayman.

VISITORS: Roadmaster Mark Konopelski, Old Gregg School Representative Jane Burrows, Laron Horner, Tom Stitzer, Dianne Musser, Fire Company/EMA representative Don Grenoble, Michael Witmer, Armond Aquilino – Nittany Engineering, Dale Musser

Speaker: Jane Burrowes

Update on Old Gregg School activities...Penns Valley Community Church would like to start renting room 206 in August for a youth center. The Gym/kitchen is being rented regularly. PVCC will hold vacation bible school at the OGS this summer. A home school group has rented the building to do a stage production the week of May 23rd. A cooking class will be held the end of April. There will be a book project for Gregg Township. The OGS will hold Community Days on April 30th. The OGS advisory committee is seeking historical documents, newspaper, photo, etc. to display at this event.


1. Ross Hill bridge update. No movement on this in the last month. Supervisors deferred the matter to Mr. Rayman to proceed.

2. Cellular shades installation is underway and will begin April 18th.

3. Watershed clean up day April 23, 2011. Penns Valley Conservation Association is the sponsoring agency for the watershed clean up day. No communication has been given to the supervisors pertaining to the role of the township for this event.

4. EMS Week May 15-21 –The Ambulance is having open house during this week.

5. "Touch a Truck" day at OGS, May 5, 10 a.m. - 12 noon. This public event will showcase several of our township trucks, as well as units from the State Police, Fire Company, EMT as well as others. Kids are invited and encouraged to attend.

6. Rails-to-Trails project was discussed. The DCNR grant is due April 15. Jane Scheuchenzuber is writing this grant. Our match for the feasibility study is $17,205 which was approved in the February 2011 regular meeting. They are hopeful that other townships will get involved and help with the cost of the study. A resolution from the DCNR was presented to the supervisors in compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant. Motion was made by Mr. Myers to complete this resolution, Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

7. Stop sign study at Firehall Road/Water Street: Mr. Bierly reported that Don Franson came out to look at the intersection of Firehall Road and Water Street. In an e-mail from Mr. Franson, he indicated that a portion of this road is a state road and that Penn DOT should be contacted. It was determined that although it is a state road, an engineering study must be submitted to Penn Dot when we approach them to put a sign in their right away. Mr. Bierly will contact Mr. Fanson and have him continue with his study of this intersection.

8. Codification: Keystate publishers were hired and started work April 8, 2011.

9. Internet: Wireless bridge to the maintenance shed is completed and working.

10. Light wind ordinance: Mr. Leary is concerned that the light wind ordinance meet any codes from the National Electric Code and the approved standards of Alleghany Power. This would only be required of those who would tap into the grid. It was suggested that our building inspectors should be involved in this process for compliance. Mr. Bierly will be in contact with our inspectors about this issue. It was decided to go ahead and circulate this ordinance to be voted on at a regular meeting.

11. Stone Bids: We received no bids for stones. Mark will continue to buy stones from Eastern. Motion made by Mr. Bierly to re-advertise for stone bids. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion unanimous.


1. Property line Survey: Nittany Engineering was contacted to stake out the property line of the OGS. Mr. Leary welcomed Mr. Armand Aquilino of Nittany Engineering. In addition to staking out the property line of the OGS, Mr. Aquilino drew up plans to add additional parking to the OGS. His plans would add up to 24 more stalls to the existing parking available. The estimated cost was $200,000 - $250,000.

2. Ordinance for Equipment Fund: There was a resolution passed in 1996 that set the equipment fund at 0.5 mil. No further action is required.

3. Centre County Solid Waste Authority letter: Letter was reviewed. No action taken.

4. Meeting with Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors: Motion made by Mr. Myers to authorize the Planning Commission to pursue a joint meeting to discuss the subdivision ordinance. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

5. Linden Loop race: Motion was made by Mr. Bierly to let the race organizers use our roads for the Linden Loop race. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion unanimous.


1. Gregg Township Planning Commission: The PC is looking at affordable housing in the township. They also discussed the pool ordinance at their last meeting.

2. Roadmaster Report: The new broom is working great. All the township streets have been swept. Mark reported on the upcoming "Touch a Truck" event. Pot holes in dirt roads have been filled. He is submitting two dirt road grants addressing Vonada Gap and Lingle Valley Road. Our in kind contribution for these grants would be the use of our equipment. Motion was made by Mr. Myers in support of these grants. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

The crew put mulch in the main playground. Mulch for side playground is still needed. Michelle, from Smart Start, requests something courser since the younger kids use this playground.

3. Emergency Management Coordinator: The Emergency Management Committee with be meeting soon. The Fire police will be needed at the "Touch a Truck" event. They will present a list of the upcoming events that the fire police will be needed. Ms. Snyder will prepare the letter to Jersey Shore State Bank to help fund the Fire Hall Carnival. Motion was made by Mr. Myers to release the fire police for the "Touch a Truck" event. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

4. Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities: Water plant is running smoothly. Sewer Authority continues to lose EDU due to sales of homes and loss of businesses. Two weeks ago, the sewer authority had an excavation bill to fix well pipe at the plant. High water has caused some problems this year. The Sewer Authority is down 37 or 38 EDU.

5. Penns Valley Regional Planning Commision: The PVRPC is making an equipment inventory to be shared between municipalities so that they can borrow/use/rent equipment from each other rather than go out of the area. A municipal cooperation agreement is being written.

6. Tri-Municipal Park: This group meets monthly in Centre Hall on 3rd Tuesday of each month. They will be meeting with Fish and Wildlife department to develop that back corner of this park. A pheasant organization would like to stock this area as well. This would all be at no cost to residents.

Minutes, Bills, Treasurer's Report

February 10, 2011 Minutes: We are still missing the meeting minutes from Ms. Confer.

Motion made by Mr. Bierly to approve the March 10, 2011 minutes. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion unanimous.

Motion was made by Mr. Myers to approve the minute from the special meeting held March 21, 2011. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

Check Detail: Motion was made by Mr. Bierly to accept the check detail report. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion unanimous.

Treasurer report: Motionmade by Mr. Myers to accept the treasurer's report. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion Unanimous.

Summary Of Cash Accounts:

General Fund.....................$140,081.27

Equipment Fund................$8,521.94

Liquid Fuels........................$185,950.55

Old Gregg School...............$2,757.57

Recreation In-Lieu............$3,940.72

Sinking Fund......................$156.40

Street Lights.......................$1,019.07

Capital Reserve..................$549,114.73

Total Cash...........................$891,542.25


1. Baseball Field: Power to the ball field was discussed. Mr. Witmer is meeting with Alleghany energy to get their solution to powering the ball fields. The Little League spent $2000 for custom mowing last year. The supervisors are looking at having the road crew take over this responsibility. Mark agreed this was something they could do but would need a mower. The Supervisors need to look at the job descriptions of the Road crew and add public works to their descriptions. Motion was made by Mr. Myers to get 3 quotes on a comparable mower to mow at the field and at the OGS. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

2. PCO vending machine: The Pennsylvania Certified Organic has obtained a vending machine and would like to have it put in the stairwell. The installation of electrical circuit to put it there was discussed. PCO will stock the machine and once the cost of the machine is covered, all proceeds will go to the school. Motion was made by Mr. Myers to look at getting the hallway ready to put the vending machine in. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

3. There have been complaints concerning debris at the property of Francis Auman. Doug has contacted Mr. Ripka.

Adjourn: Motion made by Mr. Myers to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 p.m. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted By,

Jennifer Snyder


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