Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

May 2011


Gregg Township Board of Supervisors

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2011

Public Hearing on Ordinance No. O-11-01 Small Wind Energy Systems: The Public Hearing on Ordinance No. O-11-01 was called to order at 7:02 p.m. The ordinance is intended to regulate small wind energy systems; define certain terms; provide for regulations, enforcement and penalties; and repealing any prior inconsistent ordinance.

Call to Order: The May 12, 2011 regular meeting of the Gregg Township, Centre Co Board of Supervisors was held in the Old Gregg School, Room 106, 106 School Street, Spring Mills PA. Chairman Patrick Leary called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.

Attendance: Chairman Patrick Leary, Vice President Doug Bierly, Supervisor Joel Myers, Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Snyder, Roadmaster Mark Konopelski, and Solicitor Robert Rayman.

Visitors: Micheal Witmer, Leotta Long, Deanne Musser, Jane Burrowes, Thomas Stitzer, Don Grenoble, Laron Horner, Mark Leiby

SPEAKER: Jane Burrowes

Update on Old Gregg School activities: The OGS advisory committee has received very positive feedback on the blinds. They held Community Days here at the OGS on April 30th. They are still putting a book together about Gregg Township. The OGS is having trouble with their wireless connections but Steve Black is coming soon to try and fix it. They are working on getting the holes patched in the gym. The Gym will be rented this summer for dances by Kevin Fee. They have building rentals through the new year for the gym and kitchen. PVCC is going to be investing in signs and a directory for the front lobby of the building. This will make the building look more professional.

OPEN DISCUSSION: For items not on agenda

Leotta Long/Long's Trailer Court: Mrs. Long wants to do a re-division of her property. She is having issues with the Zoning Office and Zoning Ordinance that requires 15 acres for her trailer court. She would like to keep only 10 acres for the trailer court and put the rest back into the farm. She was hoping she would be grandfathered out of this clause. The BOS has no control of this and instructed her to contact the Zoning Office/Ray Hankinson.


1. Small Wind Energy Systems Ordinance No. O-11-01 Adoption of: Motion was made to adopt this ordinance as stands by Mr. Myers. Second by Mr. Biely. Motion carried. 3-0

2. Ross Hill bridge update: Mr. and Mrs. Faust have agreed to sign documents for the properties right-away. These documents will be sent to them for signatures. The Township should send them a copy of the map as well. The property will need to be surveyed before moving forward.

3. EMS Week May 15-21: The Ambulance will have an open house on Saturday, May 14th. The public is invited.

4. Stop sign study for Firehall Road/Water Street- report from Don Franson: Copies of Don's proposal were distributed and given to the BOS. The township will now take this proposal to Penn DOT to see if we can go further with the stop sign. We cannot put up a stop sign up at this intersection without Penn DOT permission. Motion was made to petition to Penn DOT for the stop sign by Mr. Bierly. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried. 3-0

5. Rails-to-trails project: A letter of commitment from the township to maintain the trail was written and signed by the Supervisors. Motion was made that the township will upkeep our portion of the trail by Mr. Bierly. Second by Joel Myers. Motion carried. 3-0

6. Parking lot plans from Nittany Engineering: Plans from Nittany Engineering for expanding the parking lot were shown to BOS. They would like to thank Nittany Engineering for taking the time to put this proposal together. Motion was made to table the information by Mr. Bierly. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried. 3-0

7. Joint meeting with the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors: The joint meeting will be held on Monday, June 6th. Meeting will be advertised as such.

8. Linden Loop thanks Gregg Township for the use of the roads for May 7th race. Letter acknowledged.

9. Electricity at the Spring Mills Baseball Field: The Penns Valley Little League presented the township with plans and costs associated with putting electric up at the ball field. The bleachers are on hold until the electric is installed. Roadmaster Mr. Konopelski will figure out the cost to the township to help with this project. Mr. Mark Leiby is the contact person for the Little League. The BOS and the OGS advisory committee will want to walk to the field beforehand to see just what is proposed for this project. This will take place before any decisions are made. A date will be set to tour of the ball field and the BOS will respond back to the little league.

10. Additional Board of Supervisors Meeting: It will be advertised that a few special meetings will be held throughout the summer to get some additional township business conducted. These meetings will be advertized as such.


1. Keller Engineers Final Bridge Inspection reports: Reports were given to each of the supervisors. 3 bridges were inspected in the report...Lower Georges Valley Road over Laurel Run, Harter Road over Muddy Creek, Ross Hill Road over Penns Creek. This document is available in the township office.

2. Tyler Boone Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. New Hope Church: Certificate signed and Mr. Bierly has offered to make the presentation to him.

3. Centre County Farm Bureau picnic luncheon for county/state legislators 8/10/11 9:30 a.m.

4. Right-To-Know Officer: Motion was made to appoint Jennifer Snyder the Gregg Township Right To Know Officer. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried. 3-0

5. Mobile Park Permit Signed: The mobile home permit for Long's Trailer Court was signed by the supervisors. The permit will be mailed to Mrs. Long.

6. BHL Mechanicals Work Proposal to replace motor on main system circulator pump: Cost $3,950. Mr. Bierly questioned whether they will add antifreeze to the system for this price? This may decrease the efficiency of the heater but only by very little and the cost of fixing the pipes if/when frozen is much greater. Motion made to accept this proposal and get the antifreeze to put in the system by Mr. Myers. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried. 3-0

7. Award Stone Bids: Motion to accept the bid from Hanson Aggregates PA LLC of Montoursville, PA for the aggregate and HRI, Inc. of State College for the hot mix and the cold patch was made by Mr. Bierly. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried. 3-0

8. Award Equipment Bids: Bradco bid for the M-B Tough Brush, Tow behind Power Broom with 150 Gallon Water Tank: $2121.21 – Motion made to accept Bradcos bid by Mr. Myers. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried. 3-0 There were no bids on the V-Plow which will be taken for scrap metal. Motion made by Mr. Myers for the disposal of the V-Plow by Mr. Myers, Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3-0 There were no bids on the Baker Snow Plow. The township will continue avenues to sell this piece of equipment.

9. York Rake Unit: This item was included in the budget for this year. Mr. Konopelski gave the BOS 2 quotes for the purchase of this rake. Bradco had the lowest of the 2 quote which was for $4831.95. Walsh Equipment's bid was $5492. Motion was made to purchase the unit from Bradco by Mr. Myers. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried. 2-0n (Mr. Bierly absent for vote)

10. Small Truck Purchase: Mr. Konopelski presented the group with 2 bids for a small truck with plow. This truck would cut down on wear and tear of the larger trucks in our fleet and be used for Mr. Konopelski to come in early to check roads and begin plowing much more efficiently during a storm. This item was tabled until next meeting for the supervisors to look at the budgets.

11. Salt Shed Building: Plans were discussed for a new salt shed. The current salt shed is unstable and unsafe. Pictures of the current Salt Shed were shown to the BOS. Phase 1of this project will be to advertize and bid out Sollenberger type concrete bin walls. A survey would be needed. Motion was made to advertize and bid for the concrete walls by Mr. Myers. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried. 3-0

12. Lawn Mower Bids: Mr. Konopelski presented the board with bids for mowers. Bids from Walker and Walker Equipment, Valley Ag & Turf and Millheim Small Engine were presented. A discussion took place. Motion by Mr. Myers to buy the Husqvarna 61" deck from the Millheim Small Engine Shop and take the funding out of the Recreation fund if this fits as a capital purchase as required by the fund or funding will come from the Equipment Fund. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried. 3-0


1. Roadmaster Report: The Road crew has been installing new street name signs that have been purchased to comply with Penn DOT Regulations. The Touch a Truck Event was successful. The crew has been working on clearing and repairing stone wash out areas. This has been an on-going event with the major storms that have occurred in the last month. Mr. Konopelski is helping to upate and keep current the township's website.

2. Gregg Township Planning Commission: Mr. Bierly gave the BOS a report of the May PC meeting. Students from PSU gave a presentation about a conservation subdivision. It was very well received. Chairman Leary had a chance to read over the packet given to the PC by the PSU students and was pleased with the work of the students and their efforts on this project. The Planning Commission will hold a joint meeting with the BOS on Monday, June 6th.

3. Emergency Management Coordinator: Motion by Mr. Bierly to release the Fire Police for the following dates: Antique Show: June 1 – 5, 2011 and September 6 – 11, 2011, Carnivals: Centre Hall June 7 – 11, 2011, Millheim June 16 – 18, 2011, Miles Township July 7 – 9, 2011, Gregg Township August 4 – 6, 2011 as well as any other dates as needed for funerals, suppers and special events. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3-0. A flyer was given to the BOS concerning the PA animal response team.

4. Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities: Mr. Horner reported that things are good. Potter township is starting to inspect septic sites. Mr. Horner indicated that our township residents are wondering when we are going to start our inspections. The BOS have not heard of any mandates from the state that require us to do inspections. At this time, Gregg Township will not conduct septic inspections until mandated by the state.

5. PVRPC: No meeting was held in April.

6. Tri-Municipal Park: Nittany Engineering is putting in parking for the soccer fields. Mr. Leary was absent for this meeting.

Other Items:

Juvenile Probation Work: Motion was made by Mr. Bierly to ask Ms. Lucas to come to a board meeting to make a presentation about this program. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried. 3-0

Road Survery/Road Tour: The Board of Supervisors will travel with the Roadmaster for a road tour to survey the current conditions of the roads on Friday, June 3rd at 8 a.m.

The BOS will be advertising and holding an additional board meeting this month on May 24th at 8 p.m. They will invite Evinity to attend and present to them at this meeting. The secretary will ask them to send any information to the BOS previous to this meeting for them to read over.

Additional OGS: Centre Chemical is going to install a multi-use cleaning system into the building for bulk dispensing of cleaning chemicals. Mr. Bierly would like to order padded covers for the Gym grate in front of kitchen serving window. Mr. Bierly has been doing some research on these pads. They were to be purchased with the shades for the building.

Five Year Capital Project/Equipment Purchase Plan: Mr. Bierly asked Mr. Konopelski to put together a five year capital project plan on roads and equipment to present to the board. This will help them to make a decisions on any major purchases and road plans.

Minutes: Motion was made to approve the April 14, 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes by Mr. Myers. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried. 3-0

Treasurer's Report: Motion was made to approve the Treasurer's Report by Mr. Bierly. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried. 3-0

The Secretaries Schedule and township office hours will vary over the next week due to training meetings. Office Hour changes will be posted on the office door and in glass case in front lobby. Motion made to approve this change as outlined by Mr. Myers. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried. 3-0

Motion made to adjourn the BOS Regular Meeting at 9:26p.m. by Mr. Bierly. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried. 3-0.

An Executive Meeting of the Gregg Township Board of Supervisors was held immediately following the Regular Meeting on May 12th to discuss personnel issues.

Respectfully Submitted By

Jennifer Snyder


Gregg Township

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