Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

September 2011


Gregg Township Supervisors
Regular Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2011
CALL TO ORDER: Pat Leary called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

ATTENDANCE: Chairman Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers, Solicitor Robert Rayman

STAFF: Mark Konopelski - Roadmaster, Jennifer Snyder- Secretary/Treasurer

VISITORS: Laron Horner- Sewer and Water Authority,  Lori Jones - PSU Extension Office, Jane Burrows – Old Gregg School Advisory Board, Bill Seigel – SEDA COG, Dianne Musser, Lisa Bonson


1.    Old Gregg School Advisory Committee - Jane Burrows: The monthly meeting of the Old Gregg School Advisory Committee was held on Wednesday, September 7, 2011. The date was changed due to the Grange Fair. The budget was reviewed to see where they can increase revenue. The Kitchen and Gym use is increasing. September 17th marks the 4th anniversary of the OGS. They will be celebrating with a party which includes a yard sale, in which tables can be reserved for $10, vendor tables, a book signing, face painting and food.

October 6th is the Day of Caring. The OGS will have 6 volunteers who will be at the center that day doing projects. They will be serving lunch to anyone in the area.

The Farmer’s market will start November 5th and run until December 17th. On December 10th, they will have other vendors included that day.

1.    Tobacco Free Resolution, Young Lungs at Play: Lori Jones, from the PSU Cooperative Extension office in Clinton County, has been working on a grant through the Department of Health and CDC which targets communities with playground to protect kids from tobacco and cigarette smoke. This program is available in Centre County and Clinton County.  It is a popular program that is helping to encourage kids to have healthy behaviors.  Ms. Jones presented the township with signs to post in their playgrounds and parking lots.

A motion was made by Mr. Myers to pass Resolution 11-05 which states that Gregg Township designates township properties as tobacco free areas and will be duly posted. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3-0.

To enforce the rule, violators will be asked to leave the area or move off the grounds if they use tobacco.

2.    CDBG Update:  Bill Seigel from SEDA COG requested an Executive Session with the board.

Chairman Leary excused the board at 7:14 p.m. for an Executive Session to discuss possible litigation. The Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting resumed at 7:23 p.m.

Mr. Seigel recommends the Board table any effort to re-budget the remaining funds from this project until we get further through the close out process with the DCED.  

Motion was made by Mr. Bierly to follow the recommendation of Mr. Seigel. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3-0.

Mr. Seigel updated the Board on the close out efforts. He has reviewed payroll reports and county documents relative to this project. He received further documentation from Matt Milliron from the County. The remaining steps are to find any progress reports on the projects. The DCED should accept one progress report so he is working on this. In the next couple of weeks, he will reorganize and set up new files that follow the monitoring process. After this is completed, Mr. Seigel will then send a letter to the DCED to set up a date for their monitor to come out to look at the project documents. Mr. Seigel will walk us through the monitoring process. Once this monitoring process is done, the DCED will issue a letter with their findings.  

Mr. Horner, from the Water Authority, expressed that they are aware that Pat Casher did not fulfill his end of the contract. The Water Authority feels Mr. Casher should in some way be on the hook to return a portion of the funds that were expended upfront to him.

Mr. Horner also stated the Water Authority submitted a water grant last year and was denied. They will resubmit another grant this year. The Township will offer a letter of support for this grant if needed.

3.    Paving Project:  The Tar and Chip Seal was completed and the work approved. Ms. Snyder has received invoices from Pine Creek Township for their services and invoices for the stone and hauling. The loan should be finalized next week to fund the paving project. Ms. Snyder is to let the board know if we need to meet to sign paperwork for the loan. Resident, Ralph Vonada, came into the office to express his concern that we are paving his personal driveway on Long Street Extension. He is fine with it but would like to make sure that other residents understand why we are paving so far back down Long Street Extension. Mr. Bierly assured him our reason for paving part of this road is for the sewer line.  HRI has not given us dates for work to begin for the paving project

Mr. Konopelski addressed the issue of fixing the parking lot at the entrance of the Old Gregg School, where water accumulates and there are many large pot holes. This was not included in the bid by HRI but had been discussed as work the Board would like HRI to complete.

A motion was made to do the extra paving to fix the parking lot entrance at the Old Gregg School. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 -0.

4.    Ross Hill bridge update: The Township is required to run an advertisement seeking an engineering consultant to finish the Ross Hill Bridge. The advertisement approved by Penn Dot is very long. We have received permission to run this ad in the Lock Haven Express which is a cheaper option. Mr. Bierly hopes we can ask for a financial statement from prospective bidders because the last group we had working on this project filed bankruptcy.  He is checking with Penn Dot concerning this. Mr. Rayman indicated that it is not required that we ask for Financial Statement but not prohibited. The ad will run as soon as we get the ok from Harrisburg.

5.    Salt Shed 3rd Phase: Mr. Franson worked up a bid package for the 3rd phase of the Salt Shed. However, Mr. Konopelski would like to split the project into 2 parts. Part one, the Township would purchase the materials for the project. Part 2, the Township would hire a contractor to build.  Each portion of the project would be under $10,000. Mr. Franson’s estimated the costs to be approximately $30,000 for total project.  

6.    Harter Road Bridge: Mr. Franson sent the township his recommendation to repair/replace the bridge on Harter Road. His estimate for a short term fix is approximately $8,300. Mr. Franson also gave us two other options. Option two is to apply for a County Liquid Fuels Grant. Ms. Snyder indicated the Township received their letter in regards to the Liquid Fuels grant today. The grant needs to be submitted by November 7. Option three is to pursue retroactive funding where the township would construct the repairs using Township funds and upon completion submit for reimbursement from PaDOT. The sense of the board is to go with Option two. Mr. Konopelski recommendation is to leave the temporary patch that is in place now and then fix it properly sometime in the spring/summer 2012. He doesn’t feel like we need to waste the money for a temporary repair.  School buses have had no problems with the patch as well as he is certain the snowplowing can be done with little or no problems.  A discussion took place to reduce the weight limit of the bridge.

Mr. Myers made a motion to have Mr. Franson write and submit a County liquid fuels grant to secure some funding for the Harter Road bridge. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3-0.

The Board will also seek Mr. Franson’s recommendations on the best way to efficiently fix the bridge when the time comes.  Mr. Konopelski will work on reducing the posted limit.

Mr. Myers made a motion to have Mr. Franson look at the Harter Road bridge report to determine the correct weight limit for the bridge. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3-0.

7.    Advertisement for sale of property on Brush Mountain Road: Mr. Rayman made some corrections to the advertisement the Township will run in the paper. Ms. Snyder will run the ad this month in the CDT with bids due back and opened at the October board meeting.

8.    ENVINITY Proposal : Nothing new to report.

9.    Human Resources Policy/Practice Manual:  The Board has asked Ms. Snyder to research the possibility of hiring someone to help the Township with their personnel policies and to compile a Human Resource Policy Manual.  She will check with her contacts through CCAMS.

10.    Township Newsletter: The Grapevine Newsletter was well received by residents and many positive comments were expressed. Ms. Snyder incorrectly typed in Gregg Township’s phone number in the advertisement. The Township will run another small business card sized ad to correct this and announce the Trick or Treating Dates for Halloween.

11.    Macrosmith, Inc. Electronic Document Management System: The board discussed and decided they are not interested at this time in an Electronic Document Management System.

12.    Centre County Youth Services: As a follow up, the Old Gregg School Advisory Board will be informed of this opportunity to utilize this program. The Board supports this project when our schedule will correspond with their needs.

13.    Additional agenda item: Mr. Bierly addressed the topic of the pickup truck which has been discussed for the past few months. Mr. Myers concurred that we need to move forward on this. Mr. Bierly proposed that funding for the pick-up truck come from the following…$15,000 from the General Fund, $7,000 from the Liquid Fuels Fund, $5,000 from the Equipment Fund. Mr. Horner expressed concerns that the board is not sticking to the budget when purchasing equipment.  Mr. Myers stated that buying a truck through the Costars program is cheaper to buy new than to buy used.

Mr. Bierly made a motion to purchase through Costars a 2011 Ford F-250 Lx with funds coming from $15,000 from the General Fund, $7,000 from the Liquid Fuels Fund and $5,000 from the Equipment Fund for a total cost of $26,665.23. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 2-0.  Mr. Leary voted Nay.

1.    List of 5 Regional Comprehensive Plan Priorities: The Board of Supervisors will give the following list to the Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission as their preference for prioritizing the efforts of the PVRPC at the local Level.
12: Continue to rely upon Centre County for administration of stormwater management ordinances until such time as more detailed stormwater management strategies can be derived from a future Penns Valley Region Stormwater Management Plan.
29: Provide for a target mix of housing types for all income levels to offer greater housing diversity within the region.
74: Firmly advocate the alignment of the SCCCTS along the existing  US Route 322 corridor.
80: Complete needed shoulder widening to artieral and collector roads to facilitate safe horse-and-buggy travel and rural bicycling routes.
89: Implement Riparian Buffer Overlays.  
2.    Penns Valley EMS Workers Compensation Coverage for Gregg Township: The board discussed the letter that was received from the Penns Valley Medical Services, Inc. asking the Township for assistance with the Workers Compensation for the paid staff and volunteers. Gregg Township’s portion of the payment is $3,072.06/annually. There was no supporting documentation in the letter. By law the township is responsible for the volunteers for the EMS. Mr. Rayman and the Board did question the amount of the coverage.  The township would like to get more information before we obligate these funds.

1.    Roadmaster Report: See attached.
The Dirt Road grant project has been completed. Mr. Konopelski will gather receipts and ask for the final payment from the grant. He will be attending Dirt and Gravel Road Conference the end of the month. We had some minor flooding from storm and downed tree limbs.
2.    Gregg Township Planning Commission:  The Planning Commission will meet September 12, 2011
Planning Commission member, Jane Scheuchenzuber, has asked to attend a trails conference.

Motion was made by Mr. Myers to reimburse Ms. Scheuchenzuber for attendance at this conference. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

3.    Emergency Management Coordinator: Water Supply Maps – need to ask Mr. Grenoble about this topic.
4.    Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities: Resubmitted Grant for Water Meters.
5.    PVRPC: Meets at the Old Gregg School on Monday, Sept. 19th.
6.    Tri-Municipal Park: Nothing new to report.

1.    Approve Treasurer’s Report and Checking Account Detail
A motion was made by Mr. Myers to approve the Checking Account Detailed Report. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.
A motion was made by Mr. Bierly to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.

2.    IRS Penalties ($648.40) for improperly filing payment for Form 941 2nd & 3rd Quarters 2010:
It was found that Ms. Confer did not correctly pay and file the monthly Fed Withholding Payments Form 941. As such, we incurred additional penalties for the 2nd and 3rd Quarter of 2010.
A motion was made by Mr. Bierly to expend funds to pay the IRS Penalties. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.

1.    Approve: August 11, 2011 Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes
A motion was made by Mr. Myers to approve the minutes as they stand. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 -0.

2.    Sign PENNDOT form- Name change for Municipal Secretaries: Completed.
3.    Mr. Bierly reported Ms. Snyder has put in her probationary time and a wage increase should be discussed as told to her when she was hired.
A motion was made by Mr. Myers to increase the hourly wage of Ms. Snyder by $1. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

1.    Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve
2.    NPDES Permit for Construction Activities
3.    Declaration of Disaster Emergency – Sept. 7, 2011
4.    PVCEA August  Report

A motion was made by Mr. Bierly to adjourn the meeting at 9:47 p.m. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Jennifer Snyder
Gregg Township

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