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July 2011


Gregg Township Supervisors
Regular Meeting Minutes
July 28, 2011
Call to Order:  The July 28, 2011 regular meeting of the Gregg Township, Centre County, Board of Supervisors was held in the Old Gregg School, Room 106, Spring Mills, PA.  Chairman Patrick Leary called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  

Attendance:  Supervisors: Patrick Leary, Chairman; Doug Bierly, Vice-Chairman; Joel Myers

Staff:  Mark Konopelski, Road master, Jennifer Snyder, Secretary/Treasurer (Arrived at 7:36 p.m.)

Visitors:  Susan Lucas, Centre County Juvenile Probation Officer

Public Comments
No Public Comment at this time.

Susan Lucas from the Centre County Probation Department presented the Board of Supervisors with information about the Centre County Juvenile Community Service Program. There are school based probation officers in each of the Centre County School districts. Her job is to find sites for kids to do community service projects when they are ordered by the courts to do so. The individual sites are required to provide some sort of supervision when an individual is assigned a various task but Ms. Lucas can supervise if it is a group project. The closest place that she has for kids in Penns Valley is the SPCA. She would like to have another location for kids in this area to serve their time. The kids assigned would be from age 14 to 18. The average age is 16. They are not allowed to use power tools. The time is flexible but would most likely be limited to evening and weekend hours due to school obligation.

The board will discuss this issue as well as pass this information along to the Old Gregg School Advisory Committee. The Board of Supervisors will get back to Ms. Lucas when a decision has been made.

Old Business
1.    Ross Hill Bridge: Nothing to Report
2.    2nd Phase Salt Shed: 2nd Phase Price Quotes were opened. There were 3 price quotes from Glenn O. Hawbaker, Ameron Construction Company, and EBY Paving and Construction. See attached Quote Tally sheet. Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept EBY Paving and Construction’s quote of $9,760.00 for the 2nd Phase of the Salt Shed project – Bituminous Paving of the Salt Shed Floor at the Township building. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.
3rd Phase Salt Shed: Mr. Konopelski would like us to move forward on the 3rd phase. He would like to have Mr. Franson start working on a bid packet for this phase which is a 3-sided steel roof. Mr. Myers made a motion to have Mr. Franson prepare a bid packet for the 3rd phase of the salt shed. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.
3.    Paving Project: Loan procedures were discussed. Mr. Konopelski let the board know that he has had some concerns from residents that we are paving down the Long Street extension which is a private road. He has responded to them that we do this because of the sewer man hole that is down that street. Other residents have called with positive response to Immell road and other areas on the township. The bid was advertised today, July 28th and will be again on Monday, August 1st. Bids have to be in on August 10 and will be opened August 11.
Pine Creek Township: Mr. Konopelski talked with Pine Creek Township about doing the chipping and paving. They will be getting back to us with a price quote.
4.    Musser Property: An appraiser has been contacted. The cost will be $375. We are in the process of getting a key so that she might access the property. After the appraisal is done, we will ask Mr. Rayman for direction on how we should proceed.
5.    Human Resources Bid Package:  Mr. Leary will check into this and see if we can get an advertisement that can run. There was discussion about this at the last meeting. Ms. Snyder will see if she can get this information from Ms. Lease.
6.    ENVINITY Proposal: Mr. Bierly talked with Kevin from Envinity. We do not want to spend $180,000. Mr. Bierly asked to have the proposal broken into pieces or into separate projects and then get back to us.
7.    Logging Road Bond Resolution R-11-02: Mr. Bierly made a motion to rescind Resolution 07-11-01. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.
Mr. Bierly made a motion to adopt R-11-02 Bond of Township Roads for Logging Trucks in Excess of 36,000 lbs. GVW. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.
8.    Newsletter: Ideas for newsletter topics were discussed. The board would like to put a newsletter in the grapevine. The deadline is August 19th. Ms. Snyder will be glad to do the layout if she is given the articles. She would need the information by August 15th.

New Business
1.    Dirt and Gravel Road Conference: Mr. Konopelski has requested to attend the Dirt and Gravel Road Conference in Wilkes-Barre PA on September 2-28, 2011. The cost is $230 for the conference and $77/night for the hotel as well as travel. CEDA COG is sponsoring 2 people to attend this conference. This would cover the registration fee of the conference. Mr. Konopelski will apply for this. Mr. Bierly made a motion to cover the costs for Mr. Konopelski to attend this conference. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.
2.    Young Lungs at Play: This program aims to create a tobacco free parks and playgrounds for children in our communities. This project is sponsored by the North Central Tobacco Free Coalition in partnership with Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc. and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  The program will provide a limited number of FREE Young Lungs at Play signs on a first come first serve basis. Once a resolution or ordinance is adopted, the signs will be mailed to us. Ms. Snyder will prepare a resolution and bring it to the next meeting.
3.    Sand Mountain Shared Use Trail: We received a letter from the DCNR Bureau of Forestry for the construction of 6 miles of new trail and implement 2 miles of existing trail for the Sand Mountain Shared Use Trail. A note will be sent
4.    Harter Road Bridge: The Township has met the temporary requirements for safety of this bridge. The hole has been covered with a steel plate and a “BUMP” sign was installed.  Mr. Konopelski met with Mr. Franson who gave his opinion of repair work needed for the bridge. Mr. Konopelski will get in touch with Mr. Kenepp from Penn DOT to see what his recommendations are. It was suggested that we write a proposal for a grant from the county liquid fuels. Once we hear from Penn DOT, we will take action on this matter.
5.    Paved Driveways: Discussion took place about paved driveways and problems they create with water runoff. Mr. Konopelski will check with Mr. Hankinson at the PVCEA about this issue.
6.    SCOURS Critical Bridge Plan of Action: A short discussion took place. This has already been done and will be filed with the Penn DOT information.

Staff Reports

1.     Road master report (attached): Vacation Time was discussed. Green Grove Road – They are replacing the culvert pipe on Green Grove Road. Mr. Konopelski got two estimates, Glenn O. Hawbaker and R.C. Bowman, to do the work on this job. Mr. Myers made a motion to accept the price quote from R.C. Bowman for the repair of the culvert on Green Grove Road. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.  Daylighting Roads: Mr. Konopelski received one estimate from Aikey’s Tree Service to daylight the roads in the township. He has asked 3 other companies to give him estimates.
2.    Gregg Township Water & Sewer Authority:  Mr. Bierly has been in contact with Ms. Wiegand from the DCED about the Community Development Block Grant. Ms. Wiegand stressed the importance of finding someone to administer the grant and help with the close out. Mr. Casher, who was the grant administrator, had a stroke and was unable to continue. We will ask CEDA-COG for any suggestions for a grant administrator. We may have to compensate said person.
3.    Emergency Management Coordinator: The Fire police will be released to assist at the Grange Fair.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
1.    Minutes: Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the July 14, 2011 as ammended. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.
2.    Payment of Beckie Lease: Mr. Myers made a motion to pay Beckie Lease $75 per meeting or pay off an invoice she might provide if this is a greater amount. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.
3.    Website Content: Ms. Snyder will be working with Keystone Business Support this coming week to get the website up and running.

Mr. Bierly made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:34 p.m., seconded by Mr. Leary.  Motion carried 3-0.

Respectfully submitted by,

Jennifer Snyder
Gregg Township, Centre, County

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