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November 2011

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Gregg Township Supervisors

 Regular Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2011


SUPERVISORS: Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers

SOLICITOR: Robert Rayman

STAFF: Jennifer Snyder – Secretary/Treasurer


Louise Grenoble, Dianne Musser, Jane Burrows, Ann Foster, Craig Collison, LeDon Young, John Van Vactor, Betsy Quigley, Don Grenoble


Chairman Patrick Leary called the November 10, 2011 Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting for the Township of Gregg to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


For items not on agenda: No Comments at this time


1. Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: Jane Burrows reported the OGS Advisory Committee held their monthly meeting on Thursday, Nov 3, 2011. The budget was discussed. They feel good about things from a financial standpoint. The Farmers Market began last Saturday and the Sustainable Kitchen served breakfast. It went well. A fundraiser, Art in the Valley, went well. This was a Senior Class project. The Annual Turkey Trot is being held on Thanksgiving Day and is being organized as Senior Class Project. PV Community Church is providing a free thanksgiving dinner that day in the gym. Youth basketball has begun practicing and using the gym. The Self Defense Course for women is going well. Monthly dances with Kevin Fee are still underway.

2. Centre County Library: Ms. LeDon Young approached the Board of Supervisors to solicit money for Centre County Library. The library offers free computers and internet access. Over 800 visitors per week are using the computer which is up 24%. The majority of those utilizing computers are searching for jobs. The library is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by electronic access using eBooks and practice test for civil service. Free DVD rental is available. The Bookmobile is available for Gregg Township residents. The number of children accessing the Bookmobile is increasing. Ms. Young presented the Township with a Christmas Tree Ornament that they are selling as a fundraiser for $10. This is the first in a series of 4. She thanked us for our contribution last year. Our donation averaged $.44 per person. She suggests increasing that to $.50 per person. This would increase our donation to $1132. Mr. Myers made a motion to donate $1132 to the Centre County Library. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

3. Penns Valley Parks and Recreation: Dr. Craig Collison, President of PV Parks and Recreation addressed the board on behalf of the Soldiers and Sailors Pool in Millheim. This is a community pool with 20% of their membership coming from Gregg Township. The pool needs extra resources to continue to operate the pool each year. Typically the pool falls $10,000 short each year in meeting their expenditures. Mr. Bierly made a motion to donate $750 to the Soldiers and Sailors Pool. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 - 0.

Chairman Leary brought New Business #5 to this point in the agenda to facilitate those attending the meeting.

Complaints from Residents: Residents from the Stonefield Development, located behind the New Hope Lutheran Church, discussed with the board their concerns about a neighbor in their development. This neighbor has not been properly disposing of trash or mowing their lawn, which dates back several years. This past week, trash was scattered all over their porch, yard, driveway and garage is filled. After Mr. Konopelski, Roadmaster, addressed these concerns to the resident, a group of people did come remove large amounts of trash. However, the neighbors sill feel it is a fire hazard as well as it may attract rodents. In 2009, there was a fire in the garage of this house. Because the subdivision is not located in the village district, the group would like to suggest that an ordinance of some sort be developed for subdivisions in the agricultural district. The Stonefield Development has very relaxed covenants for their subdivision. Those in attendance would like to see some sort of relief or action taken by the Township. Mr. Bierly made a motion to ask the Planning Commission to draft up a simple ordinance for property maintenance for residences in the township outside of the village district. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0. We will be in contact with Ms. Quigley with updates on this item.

Source Water Protection Ordinance: Mr. Leary feels the Planning Commission should be working on an ordinance for source water protection. At the last joint Planning Commission Meeting, this sort of ordinance was mentioned and other townships are developing such ordinances. Mr. Bierly made a motion to have the Planning Commission start the process to develop a source water protection ordinance. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.

Chairman Leary brought New Business #4 to this point in the agenda.

Abandoned Houses in Township: Mr. Bierly made mention of the old furniture store and the potential fire hazard this and other properties can be. Mr. Bierly questioned if we should take an active role in taking care of these buildings. Mr. Rayman suggested a couple of options. Townships have condemned private property for public use. An ordinance would be required to do this but then it could be cleaned up for public use. Another option is adding something to the Property Maintenance Ordinance the Planning Commission is drafting up. This type of Ordinance is most important in the Village District with buildings being close together. There are other buildings outside of the Village that can become a danger to children and teenagers as well. The word "Abandoned" needs to be defined when drafting the Ordinance. Mr. Bierly made a motion to have the Planning Commission add Abandoned Structures to the Property maintenance Ordinance for the Village District. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 -0.

Chairman Leary brought New Business #2 to this point in the agenda.

Auditor Selection: Discussion took place. A fee letter will be requested from the 3 agencies that we have information from. We need to advertize this before the end of November.

Chairman Leary brought Old Business #2 to this point in the agenda.

Ross Hill bridge update –Decide on date for selection meeting: The BOS has decided they would like to meet on Tuesday, December 6th with Mr. Satteson from Penn DOT. Ms. Snyder will make arrangements with him.


1. Musser Property: Solicitor Rayman reported that several letters have been received and sent concerning the sale of this property. We are moving forward on this.

2. Ross Hill bridge update: See above.

3. Salt Shed 3rd Phase: Mr. Horner suggested some extra bracing on the roof is needed which will incur some extra cost. Mr. Leary agreed with his judgement. Mr. Myers made a motion to go ahead with the extra bracing and move forward with this concept. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

4. Harter Road Bridge – Centre County Liquid Fuels Grant: An invoice from Franson Engineering was received for $360 which included the services to write the Centre County Liquid Fuels Grant. Mr. Bierly made a motion to expend funds to pay Franson Engineering for his services. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 -0.

5. CDBG Update: Due to the flooding which happened this fall in parts of the state, Ms. Wigand will be unable to get the close out finished this year. The closeout will take place in the beginning of 2012.

6. Human Resource Handbook: The Board of Supervisors decided which items they would like to see included in the Human Resource Handbook. This will be sent to Mr. Krow at Vantagen. Work is still being done on the job description forms which when completed will be returned to Mr. Krow to begin this part of the project.

7. Public Hearing for O-11-02 EIT Tax Ordinance: The public hearing will take place Monday, November 14 at 7:00 p.m. The EIT Collectors met with the School District officials on November 7, 2011. The group presented the School District with a list of questions that was addressed at the meeting. They are waiting for written answers to the questions to be sent to them from the School District. After Jan 1, all EIT taxes will be collected by the State College Borough. The BOS praised Donna Miller for the work she has done over the years for the township.

8. Set dates for Budget Meetings: The BOS set 2 more dates to meet and discuss the budget. They will meet after the Public Hearing for the Earned Income Tax Ordinance on Monday, November 14, 2011. They will also meet on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Ms. Snyder will see that these meetings are advertised properly and will state that the board is hoping to adopt a tentative budget at the meeting on the 17th. They will hold a meeting on December 21, at 12 noon, to adopt the final budget.


1. Public Hearing Date Set: O-11-03 an Ordinance Amending the Agricultural District Lot Subdivision Regulation: Section 304.D.2.b.5 Mr. Myers made a motion to hold the Public Hearing for O-11-03 on Jan 12, 2012 at the Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

2. Auditor Selection: See above.

3. Resignation of Planning Commission Member - effective Jan 1, 2012: Mr. Myers made a motion to accept the resignation of Ms. Julie Mason from the Planning Commission effective January 1, 2012. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3-0.

4. Abandoned House in Township: See above.

5. Complaints from Residents in Stonefield Development: See above.


1. Roadmaster Report: See attachment. The BOS will draft up a letter to the Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency about the damages that have been done on Blue Ball Road. We will need them to let them know what it will take to make the roads winter ready. Mr. Bierly made a motion to expend the funds as invoiced for the Concrete pads at the baseball field out of the Recreation In-Lieu fund. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0. A back-up driver was discussed for snow plowing.

2. Gregg Township Planning Commission: The Planning Commission meeting was held on Monday, November 7, 2011. The Ordinance amending the Agricultural Subdivision Regulation: Section 304.D.2.b.5. was discussed. The permit for the picnic pavilion for the Family Life of Penns Valley was discussed. The BOS discussed the article in the paper that mentioned the intended plans for the lot. Ms. Snyder will call Nittany Engineering to get a blueprint that shows all of the itmes that was mentioned in the newspaper. Spring Bank Vinyl is open and operating on a temporary permit. Jane Schuechenzuber reported on the Rails to Trails. She also reported about the 911 National Trail. She is in hopes that part of the trail would run through this area. Dale Musser and Bob Myers were at the PC meeting and are against the trail going through their property. At the meeting, Bob Myers questioned increasing the number of supervisor's from 3 to 5 members.

3. Emergency Management Coordinator: Mr. Grenoble reported that they had a quarterly training session. They discussed the potential for state of emergency that could happen this coming weekend at PSU due to the recent events there. Volunteers may be needed. They also had a training session from PEMA about cost evaluation and estimating a disaster. Fire Company hasn't done anything about the water source mapping.

4. Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities: No one in attendance to make a report.

5. PVRPC: Meets later this month

6. Tri-Municipal Park: Trial has been mowed. Walking path ready.


1. Approve Treasurer's Report and Checking Register: Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report and Checkbook Register. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.

2. CCAMS Meeting: Ms. Snyder is responsible for the food to be served at the Centre County Municipal Secretaries Meeting to be held the following week. She is asking for approval to spend approximately $25 on this. Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the money for this meal. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.


1. Approve October 19, 2011 Budget Workshop Meeting Minutes: Mr. Myers made a motion to approve the October 19, 2011 Budget Workshop Meeting Minutes as they stand. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

2. Secretary's Report


1. CC Conservation District – Letter to Ms. Luse

2. Card from Stacie Horner

3. CC Conservation Distrtict - Letter To Mr. Sowerbrower

4. PVCEA Report


Mr. Myers made a motion to adjourn at 9:35 p.m. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

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