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October 2011


Gregg Township Supervisors

Regular Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Pat Leary called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

ATTENDANCE: Patrick Leary, Douglas Bierly, Joel Myers, Solicitor Robert Rayman

STAFF: Mark Konopelski - Roadmaster, Jennifer Snyder- Secretary/Treasurer

VISITORS: Laron Horner- Sewer and Water Authority, Jane Burrows – Old Gregg School Advisory Board, Dianne Musser, Linda Marshall – Centre County, Donna Musser, Clay Musser, Matthew Musser, Chris Kunes, Don Grenoble, Ray Grove


Mr. Horner asked the BOS if there is any room in the Old Gregg School that the PV Wrestling Club could use this winter. Mat storage is an issue. They would need an area about 40' X 40'. The showers are also a plus for them. The BOS directed them to contact the OGS Advisory committee.


1. Old Gregg School Advisory Committee - Jane Burrows: The monthly meeting of the Old Gregg School Advisory Committee was held on October 6, 2011. Ms. Burrows began by thanking the BOS and the township for all they do to support the OGS. At their meeting, the budget was reviewed. A new event at the OGS will be a Women's Self Defense course to be held on Wednesday nights in November. The newly remodeled Teen Room by the PVCC is open and ready for business. The Day of Caring went very well. The Farmer's Market will start on November 5. Mr. Leary, as Chairman of the BOS, thanked the OGS Advisory Committee for all they do to keep the school running efficiently.

2. Affordable Housing Manual – Linda Marshall: Ms. Marshall presented the newly revised Affordable Housing Manual with changes made per Mr. Rayman's suggestions noted in Red text. Ms. Marshall explained to the audience that the Township adopted a Conservation Design Ordinance that allows for housing to be affordable. It is a voluntary option for the developer. The policies in the Affordable Housing Manual give guidance to the developer. The Planning Commission has spent many hours developing this policy manual. The Planning Commission is presenting this manual to the BOS for adoption by resolution. Mr. Bierly made a motion to approve the Affordable Housing Manual by Resolution. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 -0. Mr. Leary, on behalf of the BOS, gave thanks to the Planning Commission and Ms. Marshall and her office for all their help in developing the Affordable Housing Manual.

3. Nittany Engineering: No one present at the meeting.


1. Real Estate Bids - 166 Brush Mountain Road, Spring Mills: Two bids were received for the purchase of said property. C. Wayne Company L.P. bid $50,501.00 and Matthew Musser bid cash payment of $1000.00 with monthly payments beginning Dec. 1, 2011 for 180 months in the amount of $150.00 for a total of $27,000.00. A final payment on December 1, 2021 in the amount of $10,936.93 making total of all payments $38,936.93. The estimated appraisal value is $55,000 to $75,000.(Note: The estimated value was written as such in the document given to the township by Village Appraisals: Fifty-Five Thousand to Seventy-Five Thousand dollars ($50000 to $75000)Mr. Musser asked if the appraiser was made aware of the encumbrance placed on the property. Solicitor Rayman believes the contingency no longer exists on the property. It is the buyer's responsibility do a title search on the property and if they feel it is a problem, they can back out of the bid. The Musser family is taking the position that there is a life estate on the property and would hope that the property can be re-bid due to the fact that neither bid made the threshold of the estimated value. Mr. Bierly made a motion to accept the bid from C. Wayne Company L.P. for $50,501.00 and have the settlement occur within 60 days. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.


1. Paving Project: The paving project has been delayed due to the weather. All residents have been notified.

2. Ross Hill Road Bridge: The advertisement ran in the Lock Haven Express. Bids are due back on Oct. 21st.

3. Salt Shed 3rd Phase: Mr. Horner, Laron Horner Construction, has begun work on this phase of the salt shed.

4. Harter Road Bridge: A follow up is needed with Mr. Franson concerning the Liquid Fuels Grant. We also need to check with him about the weight limit on this bridge as well. Mr. Horner suggested while HRI is in the township doing the paving project, it might be good to see if they could come mill the plate down on the bridge.

5. ENVINITY: Nothing new to report from Envinity.

6. CDBG: Mr. Seigel sent a letter to Ms. Weigand, DCED, to schedule project monitoring at her earliest convenience. We are waiting to hear back from her. The township also sent a check to the DCED for $164.41 which is a return of the interest earned off of the project money.

It was announced that the Gregg Township Water Authority will be awarded funds from a new CDBG to purchase radio water meters. Funds should be available next year. The Water Authority's in-kind contribution for the grant is to install the meters.

A discussion of the remaining $5000 from the original CDBG was discussed as well as the payments made to Pat Casher for his work on the project.

7. Human Resource Handbook: We received price quotes from 3 companies to create an Employee Handbook and job description for the township. Ed Krow from Vantagen: $2000 for employee handbook and 5 job descriptions. HR Consultants, Inc. from Johnstown: $2500 for Employee Handbook and 6 job descriptions with $150/hour for other services as needed. The HR Office, Inc. from State College: $2500 for an employee handbook and $150/hour not to exceed $1,200 for development of job descriptions. We also received a scope of work from Mary Kay Williams but no quote for work included. The BOS would like to take some time to look over these proposals and vote at the budget workshop on Wednesday, October 19.

8. Township Newsletter and Website: The newsletter will be published quarterly. The website should go live soon. We are working out all of the glitches with transferring the domain to the new company. All of the minutes/agendas from 2011 form the BOS and PC meetings will be on the new website as well as forms and other pertinent information for residents of the township.


1. Agricultural District Lot Subdivision Regulation: Section 304.D.2.b.5: The revision to the ordinance brought before the board reads as follows:

Lots created by this ordinance, unless greater than 50% of the original parcel being subdivided and greater than 11.0 acres in size, shall never be further subdivided, excepting those lots of greater than 11 acres, which can only be further subdivided utilizing the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance (Article 5, Section 505.)

A discussion took place about this ordinance change. Mr. Bierly would like to encourage conservation subdivisions and thinks this amendment would do that. Mr. Kunes, Chairman of the Planning Commission, suggested that the Planning Commission has taken several months to work on this and feel they have come up with a workable/balanced proposal to encourage conservation subdivision and will add flexibility to the existing ordinance.

Mr. Myers made a motion to go forward with the ordinance as brought forward from the Planning Commission. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

Mr. Rayman will draft up an ordinance change. Chris Kunes, Planning Commission Chairman, expressed his thanks to the hardworking members of the Planning Commission who worked well together to represent a good cross section of our community.

2. Model Act 32 Ordinance: A discussion took place about the change in how Earned Income Tax is collected. The Ordinance must be advertised once a week for three weeks prior to adoption. There is a real timing issue. As soon as the model ordinance comes in, Mr. Rayman will look at it and get back to us. Information needs to be given to the DCED by December 1, 2011 to be included on the Tax Register for 2012.

3. Small local bridge inventory: Ms. Marshall reported for Mike Bloom that the Metropolitan Planning Organization will soon kick off their project which locates and evaluates small bridge structures between 8' and 20' that are not covered under local bridge inspection contract. They will start this on Oct. 26 in the Mountaintop Area. Using GIS data, there are 18 locations in Gregg Township that will need to be evaluated.


1. Roadmaster Report: See attached report. Mr. Konopelski discussed the Blue Ball Gap Road which received major washouts during the heavy rain storms. He has submitted a hazard Mitigation grant to assist in the cost of repairs.

Mr. Konopelski is requesting funds to purchase a plow for the new Ford F250 pickup truck. He presented the board with 3 quotes. A new plow schedule and routine will be introduced this season which will, with the help of the new snow plow, alleviate a lot of man hours for getting plow work done. Discussion took place.

Mr. Konopelski is working with PVCEA to send letters to residents with copy of the ordinance concerning driveways washing down onto township roads. It is stated in the letter that it has to be done by the homeowner themselves or we will do the work and bill them for the work done.

New culvert pipe was installed on Vonada Road.

The new Ford F250 was labeled with the Township Logo. Work was done by Gavek Graphics. Mr. Konopelski will see if he can get a file with the logo to use on letterhead and the website.

Mr. Myers made a motion to purchase the Fisher XLS snow plow contingent upon it being invoiced in the 2012 budget cycle. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

2. Gregg Township Planning Commission: No more to report other than the discussion of Subdivision Ordinance.

3. Emergency Management Coordinator: They are still working on a water supply map. Mr. Leary requested a listing for Randy Rockey of the NIMS level of certification of the firefighters in our company. A discussion took place concerning the parking around the restaurant which is located next to the fire station.

4. Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities: Grant awarded for Water Meters. Some repairs are needed on the sewer tanks. The tanks will not last as long as the loan for them.

5. PVRPC: Nothing new to report.

6. Tri-Municipal Park: Work project was performed. Parts of the Trail was cleared.


1. Approve Treasurer's Report and Checking Account Detail

A motion was made by Mr. Bierly to approve the Treasurer's Report as presented. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.

A motion was made by Mr. Myers to approve the Checking Account Detailed Report. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

The Jersey Shore Bank Loan was finalized and money deposited into the Liquid Fuels Account.

Mr. Konopelski would like sell the grader. Ms. Snyder will check with Potter Township about a mutual agreement with them concerning sharing of equipment,

The Municipal Finance Course which Ms. Snyder was going to attend was cancelled. Ms. Snyder asked to attend two other finance courses; Working with Less: Tools to Manage Municipal Budgeting Today and Intermediate Accounting. A motion was made by Mr. Bierly for Ms. Snyder to attend these 2 courses. Second by Mr. Myers. Motion carried 3 – 0.


1. Approve: September 8, 2011 Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes

A motion was made by Mr. Myers to approve the September 8, 2011 as presented. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.

2. Approve: September 28, 2011 Budget Workshop Meeting Minutes

A motion was made by Mr. Myers to approve the September 28, 2011 Budget Workshop Meeting Minutes as amended. Second by Mr. Bierly. Motion carried 3 – 0.


1. Centre County Conservation District – Dirt Road Grant Recognized

2. Earth Disturbance Inspection Report No. 5 – Hoffman and Peachey

3. Lewistown Hospital Advanced Life Support Program closed

4. Notice of Estimated Allocations for Liquid Fuels 2012- Estimated amount: $106,766.19

5. Penns Valley Little League asking for donation

6. PV Area Historical Museum Association asking for donation

7. Home Nursing Agency asking for donation

8. PV Senior All Night Party Donation Request

9. Penns Valley Park and Rec. Donation request for Pool

10. ELA Group, Inc. Engineering/Landscape Architects


A motion was made by Mr. Myers to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 p.m. Second by Mr. Bierly.

Motion carried 3 – 0.

Respectfully Submitted By:


Jennifer Snyder


Gregg Township

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