Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

11Nov Agenda


Gregg Township Board of Supervisors

Work Session Agenda

November 10, 2016

  1. Penns Cave Public Meeting Date
  2. Meeting Dates for 2017



PUBLIC COMMENTS: For items not on the agenda (Comments should be limited to five minutes

GUEST SPEAKER: Daniel Smucker Property on Brush Mountain Road - Conditional Use


1.       Solicitors Report: Robert Rayman

2.       2025 Committee: Russ Brooks (Next meeting will be on November 28th)

3.       Emergency Management Coordinator/Gregg Township Fire Company: Don Grenoble

4.       Old Gregg School Advisory Board: Jane Burrows

5.       Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: Mike Lesniak

6.       Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission: Doug Bierly

7.       Planning Commission: Doug Bierly

8.       Playground Update

9.       Tri-Municipal Park: Joel Myers

a.       Motion to appoint and sign contract for consultant (Brian S. Auman & Glenn Vernon) to develop  a park plan update and marketing & Funding Strategy ($20,000)

10.   Water & Sewer Authorities: Laron Horner


1.       Motion to approve October 20, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes, the September 21, 2016 Budget Meeting Minutes and the October 17, 2016 Codification Meeting Minutes.

2.       Motion to approve and accept the Financial Report

3.       PSATS Standing Committee meeting November 15, 2016



1.       Tool Shed Lane/Cooper Street Properties: Outstanding Invoice

2.       Block sign request from fire company: Tabled from previous month

3.       Dry Hydrant on Harter Road Bridge: Work not complete

4.       Tri-Municipal Park Board: Motion to appoint township representative

5.       Stover Subdivision Recreation Fee In Lieu: Memo from Robert Rayman

6.       Adoption of 2017 Budget: Motion to be made at the December 2016 BOS meeting due to advertising requirements

7.       Motion to approve school bus stop ahead signs on Route 45 and Beaver Dam Road


  1. Motion to advertise  our intent to appoint a certified accountant (Baker Tilly) to conduct the audit of township funds for 2016.  
  2. Motion to advertise meeting dates for 2017

3.       Motion to advertise and hold a public meeting to discuss Penn DOT proposal on Penns Cave Road


  1. Letter from Penns Cave
  2. Centre County Planning Office: Lot Addition/Replot Proposal for the Marquardt/Marquardt/Confer properties



NEXT MEETING: Thursday, December 8, 2016

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