Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

February 2015


Gregg Township, Centre County

Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda

February 12, 2015


PUBLIC COMMENTS: For items not on the agenda


1.       Brian Newinski: Penns Valley Little League


1.       Solicitors Report: Robert Rayman

2.       Emergency Management Coordinator/Gregg Township Fire Company: Don Grenoble

3.       Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: Jane Burrows

4.       Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: Mike Lesniak

5.       Penns Valley Emergency Medical Association: Pat Leary

6.       Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission: Doug Bierly

7.       Planning Commission: Doug Bierly

8.       Playground Update

9.       Rails to Trails: Joel Myers

10.   Tri-Municipal Park: Joel Myers (See New Business Below)

11.   Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities

12.   Gregg Township 2025 Committee: Joel Myers


1.       Motion to approve the January 5, 2014 Organization and Regular Meeting Minutes

2.       Motion to accept and approve the Checking Account Detail/Monthly Financial Report

3.       Motion to sign engagement letter with Baker Tilly to do the  Single Audit for 2013

4.       PVEMA Workers Compensation Invoices were mailed out. We received payment from Centre Hall Borough.

5.       Pennsylvania Association of Municipal Administrators Dues: Motion to approve. $140.

6.       Close out of PEMA Project. Don Grenoble to sign paperwork.


1.       Truck

2.       Other


1.       Codification: Due to illness, the meeting with Keystate Publishers will be held on March 2nd during the Planning Commission meeting

2.       Electricity at ball field


1.       Tri-Municipal Park

a.        Motion to approve putting 101 acres of the Tri-Municipal Park land out for per acre bid for crop farming with bid opening and awarding on Thursday, February 19th at 7:00 p.m.

b.      Motion to approve lease.

c.       Motion to approve Hank Yeagley as an alternate on the Tri-Municipal Park Board.

d.      Motion to approve and designate $1000 to be put in a spendable designated fund established within the Centre Foundation.  Funds will come from what account?

2.       Planning Commission Vacancy: Motion to appoint new member

3.       Mount Nittany Medical Center Penns Valley – Sewage Planning Module: Motion to pass Resolution R-15-06

4.       Mirror on Maple Lane: Doug/Laron

5.       Zoning Ordinance: Discussion on # of homes allowed on one parcel

6.       Security Cameras in the Office and Old Gregg School: Jen/Laron

7.       New Addressing Approval: 124 Musser Alley, 382 Blue Ball Road


1.       Centre County Liquid Fuels Grant – rejection letter

2.       DEP: Minor Land Development Plan for Pennsylvania Sawmill Company

3.       Centre County Conservation District: General NPDES Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities

4.       Letter From Senator Jake Corman: Announcing recreation and conservation grant programs

5.       Letter From Kerry Benninghoff: Announcing grant programs administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority

ADJOURN            NEXT MEETING: March 12, 2015 6:15 Work Session, 7:00 Regular Meeting

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