Gregg Township Centre County, Pennsylvania

December 2014


Gregg Township, Centre County

Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Agenda

December 11, 2014 7:00 p.m.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: For items not on the agenda (Please limit comments to five minutes each.)

GUEST(s)/ SPEAKER:  Brian Newinski –PV Little League Baseball, Stan Wallace – Nittany Engineering, Betsy Quigley


1.       Solicitors Report: Robert Rayman

2.       Emergency Management Coordinator/Gregg Township Fire Company: Don Grenoble

3.       Old Gregg School Advisory Committee: Jane Burrows

4.       Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency: Mike Lesniak

5.       Penns Valley Emergency Medical Association: Pat Leary

6.       Penns Valley Regional Planning Commission: Doug Bierly

7.       Planning Commission: Doug Bierly

8.       Rails to Trails

9.       Tri-Municipal Park

10.   Gregg Twp Water & Sewer Authorities

11.   Gregg Township 2025


1.       Motion to approve the  Supervisors portion of the  November 3, 2014 Joint Meeting Minutes and the November 6, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes

2.       Motion to accept and approve the Checking Account Detail/Monthly Financial Report

3.       Approve Meeting Schedule for  2015

4.       Announce our intent to hire a CPA to do our Audit.

5.       Motion to authorize RBA Professional Data Systems to print tax statements ($147.13 last year)


1.       Chipper

2.       Other


1.       Musser Property: Musser v. Gregg Township, et al. (Case No. 2011-4845)

2.       Codification

3.       Electricity at the Ball Field

4.       Playground Update

5.       PV EMA – Workers Compensation Municipal Agreement


1.       Adoption of the 2015 Proposed Budget

2.       Ordinance O-15-01 – Authorizing the participation of Gregg Township in the PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust Pursuant to the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Law

3.       Final Subdivision Plan – Mark E. and Doris J. Kauffman: Comments

4.       Minor Land Development Plan & Sewage Facilities Planning Module – Pennsylvania Sawmill Company

5.       Facility Dude

6.       PSATS Conference – Motion to approve registration fees and hotel expenditures April  19-22, 2015

7.       Motion to approve gift certificates for staff – 10 gift certificates



1.       Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority Report

2.       Corman Farms/C. Wayne Co. Highway Occupancy Permit for Tax Parcel 21-9A-10

3.       Notice of  payment state police fines and penalties

4.       Commonwealth of PA- Letter stating Rail Trail project grant was not funded

5.       2015 Community Development Block Grant Program Announcement

6.       Penn DOT: Letter stating Red Light Grant was not funded

7.       PA Department of Labor and Industry – Renewal Projections for  Volunteer Fireman’s Workers Compensation Coverage

8.       James J. Zettle Estate – Lot Addition and Replots Proposal



NEXT MEETING: January 5, 2015 at 7:00 Reorganization meeting with Regular Board Meeting to follow                

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